It so happened that the growth of the abdomenand initially tied up with beer. The more you drink, the more growing beer belly. This is due, apparently because pouring several liters of beer, men get a distended stomach, which this beer is splashing for a while, and the belly for this increases. The beer stimulates the appetite and improves the digestibility of food. For this reason, many just refuse beer. That's beer not only stimulates the appetite, and almost any alcohol. You need to eliminate any alcohol from your menu and it will be easier.
Next you need to give up fatty and spicy foods. No sausages, cheeses, chips, mayonnaise and other foods that contain bellyfat nye. You need to choose: either they or figure.
No need to make new stocks and actively use apples, bananas and so on. Distended stomach, used to get a plate of food, washed down with a beer, will require food. Pull yourself together and wait until it is not reduced to normal size. Drink plenty of water – this will help reduce the "grunts" of the stomach.
Even if you consume the food you were two times less than before, it does not mean that you have quite a few. Find in the table of calorie foods and count how many calories you eat in a day, and then calculate how much they spent for the day. You need to spend more than to eat.
You need a lot of perseverance. A before results, drop your hands and roll the dice. This means only one thing – they just have not tried to do anything. Very quickly remove the beer belly will not work, but even for a couple of weeks of severe restrictions in food and active exercise, and the result will be more than noticeable.