Beer belly has become so common that they could not be interested scientists, with the result that it was decided to produce a real scientific study to find out the cause. Well, where was it held? Well, of course, in the Czech Republic, where no beer can not do almost any one meal. In the experimental group were recruited 1098 women and 891 male. While men's daily intake was determined from the number of 3.1 liters of beer, women were more modest, 0.3 L.

Scientific research

Before the study each participant was measured weight, the ratio of the volumes of the hips and belly, calculated the body mass index and calculated the percentage of body fat. The research results have amazed both scientists and the subjects themselves. After three months of beer consumption the body mass index for men has remained the same, all deviations it is currently within the margin of error. The result in women was even more amazing. Experimental group during the experiment even managed to lose some weight, which gave scientists plenty of food for thought.

The study showed that beer itself is not conducive to the growth of the abdomen, although lose weight by drinking this beverage in large quantities, is also unlikely to succeed. Beer can be attributed to the product of the average caloric content. 200 ml of the drink contains 76 calories, that is even less than in conventional Apple juice (96 calories per 200 ml). And it is much richer in terms of caloric milk and red wine (136 and 148 kcal respectively).

Why growing belly

Here could not do without one big "but". It's not the calories, and the beer. It contained alcohol and carbon dioxide increase the secretion of gastric juice, besides 1 l of beer contains 25 to 40 grams of carbohydrates, which also contributes to the excitation of appetite. And it turns out that a relatively nutritious by itself, the drink quietly sakasavesa pretty abundant food. From disposable meal effect is unlikely to be too noticeable, but the constant use of beer combined with high-calorie foods may lead to fat deposition in the abdominal area. So direct fault of the beer in this, but it is enough and indirect.

Therefore, we can say that the beer belly not from beer, but from the fact that it involves - hours-long feasts, a large number of snacks, as well as lack of motion, because hardly anyone is drinking beer, goes for jog, or at least in the long walk in the fresh air.