To drink or not to drink

Alcohol contains 7 calories per 1 gram, which is a significant addition to the diet. It is easy to calculate that after drinking half a bottle of white wine, your body will get about 300 calories. At first glance, it's not much, because eating a few tablespoons of bran, filled with skim milk and a small banana, you consume the same amount of calories. However, healthy eating in addition gives you protein, fiber, iron and calcium necessary for life, and alcohol such nutrients does not contain. However, if without a glass of wine with a couple of friend to you in your life, forgive yourself this little weakness. Moreover, you can minimize the harm to the figures if you choose the correct wine.

What to drink

Sitting on a diet, it is best to drink red wine. It contains a small amount of sugar, and it has many useful properties – improves blood, lowers cholesterol in the blood and is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases. If you prefer beer, choose a light beer – it is less calories. The lesser it degree of alcohol, the less beer will affect your waist.

Discard traditional salty snacks – they prevent rapid withdrawal of fluid from the body. While diet to pamper and champagne. Pay attention to the sort of Brut, in which, according to the recipe, contains minimal amount of sugar, or it does and it is not present. Brut is lower in calories than dry champagne.

How to prepare for the party

Alcoholic drinks while on a diet is dangerous not only because they contain calories, the amount of which you are trying to reduce in your diet. Alcohol makes me hungry, and after a few drinks you can eat much more than planned. However, not to eat is not an option, because in this case will fall under attack your liver. The best way is to eat right before you take a SIP of alcohol. You will be fed and after you will not want to overeat.

If you like to drink cocktails, pay attention to the drink. Soda pop, fruit juices and cream very high in calories. Or diet refuse such drink, or choosing a cocktail with Cola, ask to replace soda it diet option.

What should not drink

There are types of alcoholic beverages, which should not touch, if you are trying to lose weight. Most are high in calories gin, rum, Calvados, cherry liqueur and whiskey.