When choosing gel Polish many masters focus on value and quality that is the determining criterion. Usually the cost of the lacquer is dependent on the volume of the vial, the standard capacity of 15 ml, and the country of production, the company's brand and composition tools. Professional and expensive gel polishes are the highest quality, do not harm the natural nail plate that are stored on it from ten to fourteen days and are easily removed with a special remover.
The duration of the preservation gel lacquer pretty impressive – while on the nails is not only preserved nail, but also did not form various cracks, chips and erase manicure. When choosing gel Polish should pay attention to in the instructions was the stated resistance of maintaining at least three weeks, during which the coating will not lose its external properties. In addition, high-quality gel Polish shines beautifully with no additional coating does not lose its luster until the update manicure.
A good gel Polish must be applied very easily (like regular Polish) and it does not spread on the surface of the nails. Complete it should go handy brush, which allows you to apply gel Polish to the nail plate in a uniform thin layer without leaving any gaps. Also it make sure it polymerized under a standard ultraviolet lamp or a modern new - LED-lamp, under which each layer polimerizuet no longer than thirty seconds, several times reducing the time master.
High-quality gel Polish needs conveniently and easily removed from the surface of the nail for ten to fifteen minutes with the softening liquid specially designed for removal of gel varnish. The wash should occur as follows: liquid is applied to a cotton cloth, which is placed on the nail surface and is wrapped with foil. The procedure is repeated with each finger and it only remains to wait for the complete dissolution of the gel nail Polish. The remover must not contain prohibited chemical substances to the nail has not lost its appearance.