Buying manicure set, pay attention to the manufacturer. Branded sets are significantly different from consumer goods produced by Chinese craftsmen in handicraft workshops. Ask your master what brands to trust, because cheap low-quality set will be useless.
Prices on a sets manicure is quite different and depend on the quality and quantity of tools that it includes. In this case, do not skimp, as a good set though will cost more, but it will justify itself. Quality tools for manicure, first, durable in use, and secondly, their cutting edges will not be blunt.
Do not rush to buy with full set of manicure sets, since most of them you probably don't have to use it. Pick the individual option – only the tools that you need. The best is the setthat includes cuticle shovel, tweezer, scissors with rounded edges, nail file and clippers.
When choosing a manicure setand consider also the features of their nails. For example, picking up a brush, guided by the fact that for strong nails better suitable metal, coarse nail file. If your nails are weak and soft, then it is better to get a glass.
Inspect the nail clippers, try as they shear. Their cutting edge should have no deformation and chipping, and the ends should fit snugly to each other.
When selecting wire cutters special attention to the quality of their workmanship and material. As this tool is used to remove cuticles and hangnails, it needs to be sharp, but to deal with it cautiously. Handle the product should be easy to compress and bounce.
Check the tweezers – try to pull out some hair. It needs to be easy to use, it is necessary that the ends were smooth and coincided among themselves. Tweezers should compress, not to cut the hairs, grasping them at the base.
Cuticle spatula (scraper) should be strong. It is made of solid wood, plastic or metal. This tool has two uses. One end of the blade is used to push back cuticles and pointed end of her strip.
Pay attention to the case. It needs to be made of quality materials. To when tools are dull, their cutting edges to each other in case the touch should not.