For beginners working at home masters and not planning to earn money on nail design is perfect the simplest form of UV lamps. These lamps have an average capacity and is equipped with a mirror surface for one hand. Such UV lamps are inexpensive – about 1.5-2 thousand rubles.
Another option is relatively inexpensive devices for home use – UV lamp with timer. They are additionally equipped with a comfortable finger separators, which makes the procedure more comfortable. Timers on lamps for drying nails come in different types – some can be installed only on the proposed time intervals, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1.5 minutes, etc. In more expensive options the timer can be set per second. The second option among professionals is considered to be more economical. The cost of the lamps with a timer of 3 thousand rubles.
The next category of lamps for professionals. In such UV lamps is the ability to dry nails on both hands. They are equipped with a timer, finger separator, mirror surface and a sound signal. Built-in lamp with a fan will prevent overheating of the fingers and nails and make the procedure more pleasant. The price of such instruments will exceed 5 thousand rubles.
The last category of UV lamp for professional salons. They are equipped with a variety of different functions necessary for a professional master. But the cost of these devices will be from 12 thousand rubles.
Besides the already described categories for artists who often work at home client, you can find a road or a portable UV lamp. Usually they are quite compact, but less comfortable than usual.
When buying a light bulb to building nails is very important to pay attention to its power. High power lamps can accelerate the process of polymerization of the gel. The regular gel can be dried using a lamp power of 4-6 watts, but there are other varieties of gels that harden with a larger amount of light. To work with required lamps power 9 watt.
The last rule in the choice of UV-lamps – pay attention to the manufacturer. Products proven by the manufacturer are always more reliable, so to save her, and high-quality materials for the job, you should not.