What is "Postinor?"

"Postinor" refers to post-coital drugs. It comes in the form of tablets to be taken immediately after sexual intercourse conducted without contraception (rape, forgetfulness, a torn condom). Guaranteed to avoid pregnancy, you can, if you take first during the day after the recent sex and the second 12 hours later after the first.

Postinor contains a "shock" dose of the hormone levonorgestrel. It acts simultaneously in three ways: delaying ovulation, prevents sperm and prevent attachment of the already fertilized egg to the endometrium. A serious option is recommended only in the most extreme cases and no more than once every six months. After all, "hormonal blow" can cause serious harm to the female body.

What can cause reception "Postinora"

At first glance, "Postinor" it seems a good way of protection. However, the two smaller tablet if you use them often or accidentally break statement can cause the body tremendous harm. If you are going to use the drug, be prepared for unexpected consequences.

Most often women suffer from the violation of the cycle, and also intermenstrual bleeding. But if you used Postinor one time, this situation is quickly corrected. If Postinor became your constant "companion" of a violation of menstruation may be regular, that will gradually lead to infertility.

If a woman has broken the system of blood clotting, over Postinora" (even once) can cause the formation of blood clots. It happens because of hormones, which "thicken" the blood. The most dangerous consequence of the development of thrombosis and embolism of blood vessels of heart and brain.

Postinor dangerous to take girls and women with liver disease, a tendency to kidney stones, dysfunction of the biliary tract. Also be prepared for nausea, headache, vomiting urges. Such effects doctors call "transient" arising from strong "hormonal blow". But beware: if vomiting occurred within the first two to three hours after taking the tablet, immediately drink another one.

Postinor can cause severe uterine bleeding. If it is not completed independently, be sure to consult your doctor. The other side – no bleeding after taking the pills. Not the onset of menstruation for two or three weeks may indicate the negative impact of the drug on the reproductive organs or on conception.