Need to know how to look tube, to understand what happened it is not to panic when it detects on lingerie unusual for pregnant women discharge from the genitals. And to timely inform about this important fact your doctor-the gynecologist, because the premature withdrawal of the tube can be a cause for urgent action to preserve the pregnancy is not large enough for childbirth.
To ignore the fact that tube removed, in most cases, the woman may not, as it (the tube) is a small lump of mucus with bloody streaks (birth tube may be colorless, yellowish, or even pinkish color, but it's always slime). The consistency of mucous plug may be different and to recall its appearance as a thick nasal discharge with a cold, and to cause Association with the popular children's toy is a ball-licker, you have to be dense enough stretching of the mucosa mass.
Generic tube can move gradually over several days in small sections or a few hours before the birth and immediately completely, to move with the waters (including puncture medical bladder) or alone. Also the tube can move and stay for a while in the vagina and come out only in the second stage of labor or with the birth of the baby. That is why some women are not seen, went tube or not, though, and gave birth to not one child.
To confuse the discharge of mucus plug with leakage of amniotic fluid difficult, as they have different texture, color and the coughing (and, therefore, some tension of the abdominal muscles) tube is not allocated again in contrast to amniotic fluid, which can leak within minutes from the moment of coughing.