Discharge of water

When pregnancy ends, her body is freed from the amniotic fluid that help the baby in development. The discharge of these waters is the primary and a pronounced symptom of the onset of labor. In a woman's body without water, the baby can live a day, sometimes a little more. Why at the first suspicion of discharge of amniotic fluid need to contact a doctor or call an ambulance.

How to determine that the amniotic fluid moved?

The amount of amniotic fluid in the pregnant woman's body is very high. A slight wetting of underwear, likely evidence of some kind of discharge than the discharge of amniotic fluid. But if from vagina a lot of fluid, there is no doubt – you're in labour. In this case, it is important to have time to call an ambulance before the start of contractions.


Contractions are the second sign indicating the start of the generative process. Contractions are divided into two types – preliminary and main. Preparatory contractions start at about the thirtieth week of pregnancy. They occur with irregular frequency. For example, this may happen: 1 minute contractions, a 35-minute rest, 2 minutes of pushing, 10 minute rest, 1 minute of contractions, 15 minutes of rest. Such contractions are of a preparatory nature. But if they happen to gain, for example, 1 fights is a 10 – minute rest, 2 minutes of fights – 8 minutes of rest and then, you should immediately call an ambulance. If a woman is not sure what type of contractions observed her, it is better to call an ambulance just in case. Because of this may depend on the life of the baby. Struggles women experience pain in the lumbar region, lower abdomen and groin. False labor are rapidly under the influence of the body of warm water.

Lowered belly

Of course, not always sagging stomach is a sign of the onset of labor, but, nevertheless, he points to them approaching. There are no specifics. Once the belly has fallen, a woman can give birth like the next day or in a month.

Discharge of the uterine tube

In the uterus of a pregnant woman appears mucus plug. It prevents infections and dirt to the fetus. This tube, usually depart at the moment of the discharge of amniotic fluid, why many women often do not notice it. But sometimes there are times that the mucus plug leaves a little earlier amniotic fluid. In this situation, the discharge of the fallopian tube indicates that very soon the woman's water breaks and labor begins.