As birth can occur well before the estimated date specified in the exchange map, listen to your body carefully analyzing the new sensation. A few weeks before birth because of changes in hormonal levels and change the fetal position, when he lowered his head down, you may experience false labor. They differ from generic short-lived. The feeling of tension of the uterus may appear once or twice a day and is a few hours. Such contractions during pregnancy uncomfortable, but painless.
Closer to your due date can move away the mucous plug covering the entrance to the cervix. Therefore, seeing the small bits of mucus with specks of blood, be prepared for the fact that the fight can begin from day to day.
That fight will begin in the near future, also show receding water. If they don't leak gradually, and depart from, the volume is large enough to not be confused with normal vaginal discharge. After this happened, a baby should be born no later than the next day, either by yourself or with the help of doctors. Further, his presence in the womb without amniotic fluid is dangerous to health and life.
To determine contractions leading to childbirth were not difficult. If the time interval between them, starting with 25 to 30 minutes, gradually decreasing, and each time it hurts more, then it's time to run to the hospital.
Don't worry about what you can accidentally skip the fight if they start at night. Waking onset of labor is impossible, even if you have a very sound sleep. Contractions are pretty painful to Wake up.