The presence of a tube in the ear can you perfectly not to bother, and only under certain circumstances, you begin to feel discomfort. If the tube begins to increase in size and blocks the ear canal, there is a feeling of stuffiness, impaired hearing. As you move cerumen to the ear drum may be tinnitus, dizziness.
A little wax build-up when wet, if the ear canal gets water when bathing, swells, there is this sense that the ear is fully incorporated. When chewing the ear may occasionally lay.
The reasons for the formation of cerumen can be very different, but the main ones are wrong sebaceous glands and impaired secretion of. Increased amount of cholesterol in the blood contributes to the rapid formation of earwax, which ultimately leads to the formation of traffic jams. During normal operation, the secretory allocation do not stay in the ear and leave the ear canal when chewing, talking, movement.
If you have formed epidermoidnyi wax build-up, which has a very thick consistency and can become dry and quite tough in the bone Department can be formed bedsores. You will feel not only the congestion of the ear, and pain. In some cases there is inflammation of the ear canal fluid or pus.
In any type of cerumen do not attempt to remove them yourself. Feeling stuffy causes most patients to use ear sticks, to somehow alleviate the condition. This leads to the fact that the tube is pushed farther, and the feeling of discomfort intensified. So if any unpleasant sensations in the ear canal immediately consult an otolaryngologist. The doctor will examine the ear canal and removes the cork, and then prescribe treatment if you need it.