Contractions represent the onset of labor process, their goal is the opening of the cervix. A few weeks before giving birth (usually 3-4 weeks) can begin the so-called false labor. At this time, many pregnant women experience intermittent nagging pain. May be feeling of fullness, the fetus begins to put pressure on the pubic bone and the woman feels a tingling in this area.
To determine that this is false labor, you can according to several characteristics. First, these contractions are not systematic. Second, a short (15 minutes) taking a warm bath will relieve the pain, but generic, on the contrary, will increase. Third, the intervals between contractions are about 15 minutes, and they are not frequent.
The first (real) fight is similar to the pressure in the abdominal cavity, they do not cause much discomfort. Sometimes the feelings are transferred to the lumbar region, as if pain during menstruation. To know that the birth pains began, by counting intervals (the latter should decrease), and method of observation: after brief reception a warm bath, the contractions intensify. Moreover, their occurrence may be accompanied by brown discharge.
The birth pangs can begin at almost any time of the day, but often the beginning they have on the night. This is because the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for starting labor, more intensively produced in the night time. Also a pregnant woman can observe for other signs of onset of delivery: 1-2 days before contractions she went mucous plug; there was a small leakage of amniotic fluid or rapid outpouring.
While the rare intervals, and do battle slightly, an expectant mother can safely lie, warning about the beginning of birth, spouse or midwife. If you do not want to lie, you can easily collect things in the hospital. Better to go there when the contractions become more frequent up to 1 time in 10 minutes. In the case where the amniotic fluid has already departed, it is better to go to maternity home immediately, without waiting for the more frequent contractions.
The most important thing - attitude and concentration women during childbirth. If she has fears that will not work to get to the hospital or there is fear of complications, it is better to ask the doctor to give her a direction in hospital on preservation. This will give the expectant mother the confidence that she won't start fights, and the whole process will be from the beginning under the supervision of doctors and midwives.