Advice 1: How to fix the headphone Jack

Earphones of various sizes and types are used in many electronic devices, e.g. iPods, or headsets of mobile phones. Sometimes rough handling goes down the connector, through which the headphones are connected to the device. Fix connector usually does not take much time and does not require professional equipment.
How to fix the headphone Jack
You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - flux;
  • - solder;
  • - thread.
Inspect electronic device, joined headphones. A possible reason for the lack of sound may be the pollution of the connector. In this case, clean the Jack plug with a sharpened matchstick or a toothpick. If necessary, clean from dirt miniature male plug (also sometimes referred to as "Jack").
If these measures have not led to the result, check whether the device with the other (working) headphones of the same type. In the absence of sound and in this case, the cause must be sought in that part of the connector which is located on the electronic device.
Disassemble the device by unscrewing the fasteners. Swipe the joint that connects the housing parts, a nail, or pointed instrument (preferably not metal). After disassembly, inspect the socket, in which is inserted the plug. Check out how reliable electrical contacts. If necessary, restore the connections, the heating them with a soldering iron.
If the socket properly, proceed to repair connector ("Jack"). It can be in different versions, but always consists of a ring, sleeve and tip. Disassemble connector and inspect the site, which is designed for soldering. If it has Nickel plated, will clean it off and saladita soldering iron.
Strip the wires leading from the plug to the headphones. That wire, which is formed by twisted wires screen, pre-cut. Otherwise, the possibility of its closure.
Slip into the wiring protective tube, and then solder wires to the pins of that Jack. Now the tube can be joined to the contacts.
Solder the connector to the common wire. While it is undesirable to use low-melting solder. If the soldering tip is too wide, it is desirable to make narrower it with a file.
Insert the cable into the mount. For reliability wrap the wire a few turns harsh thread. Secure the thread on dropping the coils heated rosin (a normal node would weaken the mount).
Attach the connector protective cap. Insert the plug into the socket and check its serviceability by connecting to the player. If done carefully and properly, you will hear from the headphone is a welcome sound.

Advice 2: How to fix headphones

Advice 3: How to fix nail

If you have a cracked nail, don't worry - you will be able quite simply to fix. After the repair it will last some time, delighting you with its almost perfect.
How to fix nail
You will need
  • - nail file abrasive of 240 units;
  • - soft blade;
  • - liquid nail Polish remover;
  • - nail glue;
  • - special fabric.
Inspect the nail: if it's broken "to the meat", with him cracked leather and the wound is bleeding – give up self-repair. Do not repair a nail in the case when it is cracked more than halfway – you just can't do it; the crack is still going on, and you will still lose the nail. In both cases, keep the nail you can only be a specialist.
If the crack on the nail is not more than 2/3 of its width, you can safely begin the repair. First remove the Shine around the edge, clean it with a soft brush and treat with disinfectant.
Take this special fabric and cut from it a small piece, glue it so that the crack was exactly in the middle of the strip. Smooth the fabric using a wooden spatula moistened with liquid varnish remover. If the crack is deep, the first patch plate, a second larger size.
Spread the fabric with liquid glue and wait until it is completely dry. Scrub the surface with a cloth, soft blade, leveling it with the nail plate. Apply to the surface of the nail oil and Polish it. In order that the crack was not visible, cover the nail with two layers of varnish. If the patch still stands out, mask it with rhinestones or perhaps decals.
If you need to remove the patch, this can be done in two ways. The first way: drop your damaged nail in a solution or liquid varnish remover for about 5-10 minutes, then remove finger and remove the patch with a wooden spatula. After removal, RUB in a nail oil. Second method: cutting the patch with a coarse nail file.
Depending on load repaired fingernail can last from two days or more. During this time, your nail will grow back in time a bit and even if you do it in the end carefully pruned, it will not be much different in length from the others.
Tape broken nail with glue "Moment" or cyanoacrylate. For nails they don't fit as well as corrode living cells.
Useful advice
Special glue to repair nails, cloth and nail file you can buy in a beauty shop or specialty store manicure accessories.
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