Make sure that the break is located in the plug. If it is even inches away from him, it is better to fix the break in the cord than to change the plug. To determine where the cliff is slightly ' s cable in different places.
Prior to repair, disconnect the headset from the device.
Purchase a new plug for headphones. It needs to be of the same standard as the existing faulty (stereo Jack). Mono will not work. New plug, unlike the old, has a folding design. Please note that the new plug should also have a diameter similar to the same parameter of the old (a 6.3 or 3.5 mm).
The alternative to the purchase of a new plug is the use of a corresponding part from other headphones. Look among your existing faulty headphone those in which the breakage is not in the plug, and in another place. Cut them short (with a length of about four centimeters) piece of cable with plug.
If you install a new plug, cut off the old, then remove with a new cap. Thread the cable through it and through a small piece of insulating tube. Colorless or solder both yellow wires to the rack. Blue or green wire solder to one of the small contacts, red, or orange - to the other, also wearing them the pieces of tube even smaller. Then pull those pieces of tube on the joint. A large piece of pipe, move closer to the front, and then through it the cable clamp available on her paws. Do not use undue effort. Screw the cap back on the plug.
If you are using the plug from other headphones, connect all yellow or discolored wires of both cords together. Separately connect the blue (green) wire with the same wire the other cable. As did the red (orange) wires. Securely insulate the connection, including, and from each other.
Connect the headphones to the device and check.