The types of breakdowns

Headphones come in different designs. However, the most common breakage on all types of headphones similar. The most common is damage one of the conductors inside the cord. This is usually due to chafing or permanent deformation of the wire in one place. The cause of intensive exploitation.

The cord can break and the plug. This occurs during strong bending loads on the cable at the base of the plug. Wire there may be broken if it jerked sharply.

The wires are cut off not only the plug, but in the headphone case. This can happen because of the strong pull, if the wire caught on something.

How to repair your headphones

To repair the damaged wire, you will need a soldering iron, solder, flux and heat shrink tube of the appropriate diameter. All of these things can be quite inexpensive to buy in the store for ham radio.

First of all, you need to find the damage. This can be done literally at the touch. Plug in your headphones, turn up the music and start to carefully bend the wire, moving from one end to the other.

The injury will manifest itself as a crackling noise or intermittent sound. Determining location, cut out the damaged piece of wire. Do not skimp, cut with a margin of one to two inches in each direction.

Remove the outer insulation so that the conductors protrude from the wire a few inches. Then remove the insulating layer of strands, exposing the metal.

Usually copper wires are covered with a special varnish, which for convenience and to improve the quality of the soldering must be removed. This applies to the flux. It is applied to the wire, after which the paint is cleaned off the tip of the iron.

Before you solder the wires, put on the veins shrink up. After you spaete wire, slide the heat shrink on the splices. Gently heat it with a soldering iron to shrink. This must be done for the good insulation of the wires. Use electrical tape in this case is inefficient and inconvenient. External insulation can be replaced as termousadochnoe tube and ordinary tape.

If the wire broke at the base of the plug, you have to cut. The severed plug must be open, ridding it of plastic with a knife and pliers. When plug is cleared, you will need to solder it to the contact wire in accordance with colour marking.

If the plug failed to open neatly, you can try to assemble it in the reverse order. You may come to the aid of epoxy glue.

If the body is destroyed irretrievably, you can use electrical tape or heat shrink. Another option is just buy a cheap portable plug and solder wires to it.

When terminated the cable at the speaker, requires disassembly of the headset. Fixing the housing may be formed with screws or latches. To open the case latches to be careful not to damage the mounting.

Having reviewed the case, it is necessary to find the break. The wire should be cleaned and soldered to the contact pad. Completes the repair of the body Assembly in the reverse order.

Thus, independent repair headphones for any who are not afraid to pick up a soldering iron.