There are several main reasons for the slow performance. Sometimes this is due to its technical capabilities, and in other cases mechanical problems with the device. Quite often there are situations when the graphics card is simply unable to cope with the tasks. This can be caused by running the application or game, the system requirements which greatly exceed the capabilities of the video card. Usually this problem is solved by changing settings in the video card, or configure a particular application. When it comes to games, it is recommended to reduce the graphic quality of the image. This makes it easier video. Sometimes the cause of slow performance can be increase its temperature above the recommended level. Video card overheating can occur for three main reasons:- incorrect operation of the fan installed on the device;- low quality of cooling system unit in General, which leads to increasing the overall air temperature inside the enclosure;- the absence or deterioration of the thermal paste between the chipset the graphics card and radiator cooling.Installation and use of the wrong drivers can also cause incorrect work of the video card. Quite often, installing the latest recommended version of the software helps to normalize the functioning of the graphics card. Recommend to download the drivers for most devices from the official websites of manufacturers. When it comes to your computer, the cause of slow performance improper power setting. In some modes, video adapters work at 20-30% of their maximum capacity. This leads to the fact that certain applications do not work properly and there is an effect of braking.