Advice 1: How to change hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows you to perform actions on the computer with more comfort or speed. This applies when we are talking about a sound card or video card. Sometimes fixing problems in games need to change this function to disable or enable in full.
How to change hardware acceleration
Click with the left mouse button the menu "start". Select "Run", type dxdiag and click OK. This will launch the built-in diagnostics tool Windows, it will be possible to find out the details about the acceleration of computer systems. Also call the utilities, you can press the Windows key and R and then typing dxdiag.
For Windows XP. Click on the tab "Screen" or "Display". In the lower half of the window you will see the inscription: "DirectDraw Acceleration", "Direct3D Acceleration" and "AGP Acceleration". Opposite is set to the current status, i.e., enabled or disabled hardware acceleration. Next to the status button is "Disable" or "Enable". Click on it if you want to change the hardware acceleration of this service. Click on the "review" if you want to diagnose the operation of the computer.
Select the "Sound" tab. In the bottom of the window you will see a slider labeled "hardware sound acceleration Level". Move it to make changes, and then click "Test DirectSound". This is only possible in older operating systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP. In Windows 7 a fundamentally different mechanism of working with sound, so there is no possibility to change this setting. Press the "Exit" button after editing.
Right-click on the desktop and select "Properties" if using Windows XP. Click on the "Settings" tab, button "Advanced". In Windows 7 or Vista, also right-click on the desktop, open the menu and click "screen Resolution" and a link "additional options". In any case, it will open the menu properties. It select the tab "Diagnostics". You will see a slider by moving which you can change hardware acceleration. In Windows 7 to do this, first click "Edit". Don't forget to save changes by pressing "Apply".
Restart the computer to use hardware acceleration. Update driver for video card, sound card and DirectX on your computer. This will allow you to fully use the capabilities of the PC.

Advice 2: How to disable hardware acceleration

All modern video cards equipped with such a useful feature is hardware acceleration graphics rendering on the computer display screen. Only thanks to the availability of hardware acceleration dynamic of the game and packs a 3D simulation is able to please the user the highest detail and elaborate images, visual special effects in real-time and other advantages, has become a familiar and almost mandatory for any powerful computer systems.

However, in some cases, you may need to disable hardware acceleration. Usually happens when there are conflicting this function with a particular program or game, leading to failures and errors in displaying graphics or playing video. Consider the process of disabling hardware acceleration in steps.

In Windows XP:

  1. Open the properties screen. This can be done through control Panel, or simply right clicking the mouse on any place of the desktop free of Windows and icons, and selecting the context menu item "Properties".

  2. In the settings window display switch to the "Settings" tab and click "Advanced".

  3. In the properties window graphics tab "Diagnostics".

  4. Move the engine "Acceleration" to the far left position ("no") and hit "Apply" or "OK". Hardware acceleration is disabled. The changes will take effect after reboot.

In Windows 7:

  1. Open control Panel (start — control Panel).

  2. Locate and open the item "Screen".

  3. In the left part of the window that opens, click "configure display settings".

  4. In the opened window click on "advanced settings".

  5. Go to the Diagnostics tab and click the "Change settings".

  6. In the opened window move the slider in extreme left position ("no") and press "OK". If UAC is enabled, you will need to confirm that the changes authorized by the user. Hardware acceleration is disabled. The changes will take effect after reboot.

In Windows 7 in some cases, the button "Change settings" is grayed out. In this case, disable hardware acceleration in the graphics card and its driver do not support the manipulation of hardware acceleration.

Advice 3: How to enable hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows individual components of the computer such as video and sound card to take on tasks not to load the processor. This can involve decoding the video or audio corresponding hardware in the computer.
How to enable hardware acceleration
You will need
  • - computer
  • - drivers for video and audio Board
Hardware acceleration at the moment requires a lot of applications that work with video and sound. If acceleration is not set, the system can receive the failures, as to the processor imposed great challenges.

The function is increasing or decreasing hardware acceleration becomes available only after installing the device drivers. The necessary drivers are included with the device (CD-ROM). If you have these discs were not available, then the drivers can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of your hardware.

You will also need to install Direct X, which is freely distributed in the network. It is worth noting that almost every game drive includes Direct X.
How to enable hardware acceleration
For setting the hardware acceleration setting of the graphics card right-click mouse on desktop - Properties - click "Advanced" - tab the "Diagnostics" tab the "Hardware acceleration". On the tab "Hardware acceleration" you need to change 2 parameters: "Hardware acceleration" and "Enable write combining". Both options must be activated, and the "Hardware acceleration" should be set at maximum, to the value "Full".
How to enable hardware acceleration
For setting the value of the hardware acceleration of the sound card click start menu on your desktop - Run - type "Dxdiag". You'll get a window "DirectX diagnostic Tool". Go to the tab "Sound", in this tab change the setting "hardware sound acceleration Level", set it to the max.
How to enable hardware acceleration
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