In order to determine why you have a "brake" movies when browsing online, contact, in the first place, configuration of your equipment. In the properties menu of "My computer", view the settings of CPU frequency and RAM. Read the review your video on the Internet. If the hardware has sufficient performance to playback a video online, maybe the problem is in the software.

Check for updates for your browser. Do the same with the flash player that is installed on your computer to play movies and other online content resources of the Internet. Launch the settings panel of the browser and view whether you have the additions installed plugins, which can slow down the playback display multimedia content via the browser. Also check the security settings.

If you are all right with the computer configuration and software, it is possible that the problem lies in the speed of the Internet connection. In order to see this option open in your browser the following page: On this website you can check the connection speed of the current connection, pre-suspending current downloads.

The optimal value for smooth video playback in high quality – 3 megabits per second, but it may depend on individual characteristics. For video playback can be also enough speed to 512 or even 256 kilobits per second, but in this case, you will have to wait until the video has loaded.

While watching videos online, you should not run on your computer different games, graphic editors and other programs that require a certain amount of costs of resources. Also do not download files from the Internet simultaneously with download videos.