Usually reducing the load on the video card is achieved by disabling all the unnecessary elements and reduce image quality. Start with the settings of the operating system itself Windows. Turn on your computer and click "start". Select "control Panel".
Open the submenu "appearance and personalization" and select "Personalization". Select and buy any theme from the category "Basic". Return to menu "appearance and personalization" and click "adjust screen resolution".
Reduce the resolution by choosing a suitable option. Remember that you need to use the resolution appropriate for your monitor, based on the ratio of its sides (4:3 or 16:9). Save the settings.
Now open "start menu" and right click click on "Computer". Open the menu "Properties". Go to "advanced system settings". Select the "Advanced"tab.
Click the "Settings" menu in the "Performance". Now go to the tab "Visual effects" select "adjust for best performance". Click "Apply" and close the settings menu.
If you need to reduce the load on the graphics card when you start the game, perform the necessary settings. For a start, lower the screen resolution during gameplay. Use the resolution that you set on the desktop. This will reduce the load when switching between programs.
Now reduce the image quality. To do this, disable the shadows and other secondary elements. Lower the color depth from 32 to 16 bits. If the application settings allow you to use preset modes, select "Low quality" or "High performance". Save the settings. Close all programs and restart the computer.