Advice 1: How to fix graphics card

The installation of a certain application or incorrect drivers can cause malfunction of the video card. To correct manifest errors, you must perform several procedures.
How to fix graphics card
You will need
  • - Riva Tuner.
If you have access to the operating system, then reinstall video card drivers. Download the current version of the software from official website manufacturer. The most popular video cards manufactured by ATI ( and nvidia (
Install required software and restart the computer. Make sure that the video card is working properly. If you can't boot the OS, try to execute the described algorithm, using Windows safe mode. Restart the computer and hold the F8 key. Download "Windows Safe mode" after opening the corresponding menu.
If errors in the card are not connected with the drivers, then use the program Riva Tuner. Install and run this utility. Open the Home tab and click the "Configure" button located in the submenu "driver Settings". Select "System settings".
Find two fields: "core Frequency" and "dram Frequency". Reduce the rates of both frequencies. First, change the values to 50 MHz. Press the "Test" button, and complete the analysis of the stability of a video card. If at the time of inspection errors, reduce the frequency by 50 MHz. Follow this procedure until, until the device starts to work stably.
Remember that this process will lead to slow performance. It is natural to use the faulty device is extremely dangerous, so it is better to sacrifice performance. Select the check box next to the option "Load settings with Windows" and click "Save". Then restart the computer. If you failed to configure graphics card for stable operation – replace the device to prevent damage to the motherboard.

Advice 2 : How to fix the application error

A message stating that there is "application error" can happen for a variety of applications, ranging from computer games to office software products. The causes of such errors can also be different, but some General recommendations on how to fix the application error, you can still offer.

  1. If the error appears every time after installing the app, without bugs, it has never been run, the cause may be incorrect installation, or incompatibility with your system. Try to completely uninstall the app and re-install it. If the error still appears, try to run the application in compatibility mode. To do this, click on the icon the application starts, right-click and open "Properties". Go to the tab "Compatibility". Check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode" and select the version of Windows with which a software product is guaranteed working. If you don't know what should be the version, just try each in sequence, each time pressing "OK" or "Apply" and try starting the app using this shortcut, until the error is resolved.

  2. If the earlier application was run and worked without errors, just try to restart the computer. Perhaps as a result of prolonged operation of the various programs and elements of the operating system disrupted the distribution of memory and after restarting your app will work.

  3. The cause of the error can be Russian characters in the path to the executable file. Completely uninstall the application and reinstall choosing the path that does not contain Russian characters.

  4. Run a full system scan for viruses. May cause errors is the activity of malicious software placed on your computer.

  5. The reason for the error might be overheating of the physical memory modules that causes them to not work correctly. In this case, to fix the application error shut down the computer, open the case and carefully vacuum all the electronic components. In addition, you can gently pull RAM modules and re-install them to the relevant connectors — this will help to remove the formed oxide layer on the contacts of the modules and recover the conductivity of connections.


Advice 3 : How to improve graphics performance

Performance graphics can be improved by different methods. It all depends on the card model. Sometimes to improve performance helps to update drivers and all software, and sometimes require additional cooling system.
video card
First of all, you should consider immediately what to overclock a graphics card is not desirable. Acceleration, of course, may improve performance temporarily, but eventually all are likely to end strong overheating, causing the graphics card will not function properly (and possibly not burn). Therefore, to improve the performance of the card, it is better to use more secure methods for it, despite the abundance of programs for overclocking.
To achieve a normal performance video card when you install updates of its software. The availability of an updated version of the driver can be checked once in six months on the official website of the card manufacturer, but if you're not sure exactly which driver is needed, it is better to look at system characteristics in the utility Everest. Also for graphics useful the regular update of these programs: DirectX and Flash Player. And of course, if you installed Windows XP, it is advisable to upgrade to Service Pack 3.
Powerful graphics cards in active use, quite peculiar to the high heat (sometimes reaching to overheating), which can be cause system errors, unexpected restarts and other incorrect interference in the operating system. The situation can be corrected by installation of additional cooling systems. To install it better on the back of the computer, then additional cooling will be applied to all components (especially if the computer cover is closed). Undoubtedly, this measure will raise the performance of the graphics card
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