If you noticed that your speakers have started to buzz when playing music or other occasions, check connect speaker wire audio devices. Make sure that the cables are tightly attached to the terminals of the columns, they are not damaged, are in their usual places (pay special attention to the wire coming from the power supply to the main speakers). Also remember, whether you made recently any changes in the settings of the audio playback. It can be an equalizer setting, a variety of audio effects, program settings, player and the speakers. Open the equalizer in the control panel of the computer and to reset the settings or set it position in the usual way. Also on the tab next to check whether it applies to playback any additional configuration. If your speakers have started to buzz when they are first connected to the computer, check the device compatibility on the power and adjust the settings based on parameters. Perhaps if there are some inconsistencies you'll have to listen to the music in a limited volume or replace a sound card on a more suitable model. This often occurs when connecting good speakers to a standard integrated sound card. In this case, you should adjust the settings on both devices to sound at the highest possible volume.Problems with audio playback may be different, most of the buzz column refers to serious problems, which can be easily fixed, however, if you made all possible steps, and it did not give any results – try to seek the services of specialists of the service centres or to perform the repairs yourself if you have the skills to operate the radio.