Advice 1: How to remove noise in Guitar Rig

When using a software Guitar Rig, there are certain faults in the form of latency or extraneous noise. To get rid of them by applying the desired settings, programs and hardware changes.
How to remove noise in Guitar Rig
You will need
  • program Guitar Rig.
Go to the website, download additional the driver “asio4all v2”, then install it on your computer. Click "sounds, speech and audio devices" in control panel computer, select the tab "Speech". Then change audio output device on your.
Apply and save the changes and close all Windows, then go to "start" on the taskbar, then go to "control Panel", look for the setting "Configuration audio", which contains parameter settings for your sound card, go to the mixer tab is where you set the parameters for sound playback and recording options of the sound. Next, locate the "Stereo mix" and disable it in this menu.
Open the application installed on your computer program Guitar rig, then go to the File menu, then go to "audio midi settings" for the parameter "interface" set "acio" and "Simple rate" value 96000 Hz, but the sound quality can be significantly worse next to the option "Output Device" select asio4ALL v2.
Try to maintain a computer configuration in accordance with system requirements of the software Guitar rig, especially RAM and processor frequency, because otherwise you may experience audio delay. If you encounter problems with your volume settings inputs, change the value to "Linear", it usually helps to solve problems arising in fuzzy play music through your computer.
For connecting guitar to a computer, use specially intended for this scheme, since the sequence of actions in this case plays a very important role. The guitar should be connected to the mixing console and then to the sound card input.
Useful advice
When you play better string silencers, and always keep your finger on the fretboard, it will reduce the noise level to a minimum.

Advice 2: How to remove the program from the taskbar

Many users each time the computer is loaded with a large number of programs. For example, antivirus, firewall, Skype, and more. As standard they are all displayed in the system tray of the panel of tasks. If in addition, during the operation of a computer to run five to ten major work programs (text editor, browser, mail program, file Explorer, etc.), and the task bar is overloaded with elements that will greatly complicate your attitude and clutter workspace. You often need to hide the extra taskbar items.
How to remove the program from the taskbar
You will need
  • a computer running the Windows operating system.
If you want to remove or reduce the number of programs that appear in the system tray, you can go two ways. First check whether all the programs that load at startup, you need? Often items such as the icon of the control center sound card, completely useless. They can't just hide, but remove from startup. The easiest way is to use msconfig, which comes with all versions of Windows older than Windows 2000. Run msconfig (standard start - > Run -> msconfig), then go to the tab "startup" and disable (uncheck) the unwanted items. After that, click OK and restart the computer.
You can also configure the option to hide unused items in the tray. To do this, click the left mouse button sequentially on "start" -> "settings" -> "task Bar and start menu" and put a check in the "Hide unused icons". Clicking the "Configure" button, you determine how it will be hide icons. If you want they do not show in the system tray, choose "Always hide". Otherwise, if you want the element was hidden only in the absence of this program, leave the default or select the "Hide if inactive.
In addition, you can use the standard capabilities of the program. Some programs can be set up so that when you minimize they will be in the tray. And already in the tray, if needed, you can hide them as described above. To remove a program in Windows Seven from the taskbar, just use the standard option. Move the cursor to the unwanted program, then press the right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "unpin this program from taskbar".

Advice 3: How to remove the delay of the microphone

Not always the device connected to the computer, work in a desired manner. Some problems can be solved by conventional methods, and to correct some of the required replacement equipment.
How to remove the delay of the microphone
Open the settings of your sound card. If you have it built into the motherboard, go to the control panel of the computer and select audio devices. Click the Realtek configuration (in some cases, Realtek HD), find the settings tab, the microphone and uncheck delay effect sound. Open setting up the mixer and mute the Mic Volume. Apply the changes and close all Windows by clicking OK.
If the delay of sound occurs when only one specific application, open the settings of your sound and adjust the delay parameters. Best turn additional effects for the microphone, because they can impact the responsiveness of your sound device. If you accidentally changed any setting and now do not know how to disable it, find the reset for the sound. Apply and save the changes.
In order to fix the problem with the microphone, make sure that the driver for the sound card is properly installed. Best download the latest version from the official developer site, delete the old together with the system folder in the appropriate directory and install a new one. Restart the computer and run the microphone setup in the appropriate section of the control panel or in programmes that will use this device.
If your computer has an external sound card, look for a special configuration setting that will help you to remove the delay from MIC to configure the sound device properly. Typically, these instructions are attached to the disk, they can also be found on the Internet. Please note that while you definitely need to know the model of your sound card.
Do not change your microphone settings if you don't know where it will lead.
Useful advice
Use the microphone setup separately in each program.

Advice 4: How to remove noise in speakers

Any noises are characterized by the strong periodical oscillation mode: or this swing is long, but very difficult (squeak/hiss), or a separate emissions (knocks/clicks). But in any case, the noise fluctuations will consist of a large number of harmonic, but with different frequencies. And the more spectrum will be those frequencies, the stronger will manifest the noise.
How to remove noise in speakers
Change the location of the appropriate equipment to improve the audio quality of the distortion or squeaks. View, it is not located near the speaker foreign wire or other device? Low sound quality may be due to electromagnetic interference. Get as far away as possible other wires and devices from the speakers.
Try to change the position of the sound card in your computer if possible. Cause the noise may be electromagnetic interference caused by new or improperly installed cards.
Make sure that the reason for the distortion is not associated with the hardware components. To do this, install another pair of speakers to test that sound problems are not associated with the use of passive speakers (i.e. no amplifiers). The noise and low quality sound can lie in it.
Check the distance your speakers are from the monitor. As they are very sensitive to electrical noise from a computer monitor, try to push them away. Near the monitor is never recommended to place the subwoofer, because their powerful magnets can not the best way to affect the image. To maximize the transmission of low frequency sound, subwoofers must always be installed on the floor.
Contact the supplier of your software if sound problems (stuttering/noise/static, etc.) only appear during the work with the certain programs or games, and in other cases absent. Not exclude such variant that the computer is simply outdated sound driver and need to download them the update.

Advice 5: How to remove the noise when the computer is

Usually computers and laptops are virtually silent. But sometimes the sound becomes very noticeable and annoying. This suggests that perhaps the computer has any problems and he works in the emergency mode. How to reduce computer noise? To understand this question, you need to find out exactly where the noise is published.
kak ubrat' shum comp jutera

Noise can cause extremely moving parts. It can be an active cooling system with fans, the Winchester hard disk drive. Usually he is very quiet, but if the sound annoys you, you can change it to solid state SSDS. This will significantly increase the speed padikovo system.

If your hard drive is all right, it means that the source of noise are the cooling fans.

Ways to reduce the noise from the coolers PC

The computer fan noise you can eliminate a large number of ways:

to reduce the load on the processor;

- replace the cooling system;

- forced to reduce frequency of rotation;

- to replace the small cooler large;

- lubricate the fan;

- check the setting of the fan;

- clean the radiator from dust and dirt.

How to remove the noise

The more loaded the CPU, the more heat it will emit and the greater the work of his fans. If there's a program on the computer is hung up, the load is further increased. To resolve this problem, it is enough to close the hung program.

If you replace the cooling system on liquid, it is possible to improve the heat sink. At the same time during their work you will only hear the sound of working pump and flowing water.

There are special programs to reduce the frequency of rotation of coolers. One of the most popular is SpeedFan. It is good that can control the fan speed in automatic mode.

The bigger the fan the better the cooling effect that it provides. The number of spins less and, accordingly, the computer noise is reduced. The bearings in the fans too, are different. Among the two types of rolling and sliding, it is better to choose the first option because it is more stable by emitting sound effects.

Sometimes it is enough just to lubricate the fan, so he started to work quietly. For this purpose, suitable oil for sewing machines. If you want to coat the CPU, pry the sticker that is pasted on the bearing. Drip to the oil and glue it into place.

The fan setup can be verified very easily. You need to go into the computer BIOS and check if the settings Smart Fun Control section PC Health Status. Depending on the motherboard type, the function name may vary. It should be included, that is, to have a status of Enable.

If the radiator has accumulated a lot of dust, it breaks the system, the fans have to work with a vengeance. For cleaning them, there are special cans of compressed air that can be purchased in a specialty store.

Knowing the ways on how to reduce computer noise, you will easily cope with this problem. But if your device produces a sound like a squeak or whistle, then your PC requires replacement of components. Track the status of your computer or laptop and time to fix.

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