You will need
  • program Guitar Rig.
Go to the website, download additional the driver “asio4all v2”, then install it on your computer. Click "sounds, speech and audio devices" in control panel computer, select the tab "Speech". Then change audio output device on your.
Apply and save the changes and close all Windows, then go to "start" on the taskbar, then go to "control Panel", look for the setting "Configuration audio", which contains parameter settings for your sound card, go to the mixer tab is where you set the parameters for sound playback and recording options of the sound. Next, locate the "Stereo mix" and disable it in this menu.
Open the application installed on your computer program Guitar rig, then go to the File menu, then go to "audio midi settings" for the parameter "interface" set "acio" and "Simple rate" value 96000 Hz, but the sound quality can be significantly worse next to the option "Output Device" select asio4ALL v2.
Try to maintain a computer configuration in accordance with system requirements of the software Guitar rig, especially RAM and processor frequency, because otherwise you may experience audio delay. If you encounter problems with your volume settings inputs, change the value to "Linear", it usually helps to solve problems arising in fuzzy play music through your computer.
For connecting guitar to a computer, use specially intended for this scheme, since the sequence of actions in this case plays a very important role. The guitar should be connected to the mixing console and then to the sound card input.