Check the source of the faulty music center. The most frequent and obvious failure can be associated with the violation of his settings or the absence of sound as such. Check speakers (speakers) tester for the presence of voltage.
Use a valid column from the other equipment to make sure that the reason for the disappearance of sound is not in the center. If after you connect good speakers, sound is still there the problem is in the music device.
Disassemble the case of the music center. To do this, Unscrew all the mounting screws Phillips screwdriver and remove the rear cover of the device. So you get to the main Board and will be able to inspect.
Inspect the connection of the input connector and copper conductor tracks on the main Board of the music center. A soldering iron will restore the solder in those places where it is damaged. It is better to use low temperature solders, melting at 100 degrees, or even conductive adhesive, so as not to compromise the integrity of the small parts of the Board.
Play music center in all possible modes (radio, tape, MP3 player) and check violations. If in all modes the sound is played with the same noise, so it is in the output path amplification. A breakdown in the power amplifier. To resolve it, replace the bad chip of the amplifier is operational.
After Troubleshooting again, inspect main Board. It may be poorly soldered places, swollen capacitors, darkened paths and other defects, which can soon make itself felt. Replace all suspect items. Thus, you will prevent another breakage of your music centre and extend the life of your hardware.