You will need
  • Computer, speakers.
The connection of the speakers. In the connection of columns of any nuances and any peculiarities not found. The device connects to the computer through the respective plugs are inserted into jacks of the sound card. The main difficulty is traced to the next stage.
Customize columns. Connecting speakers, you probably have repeatedly drawn attention to the dialog box that appears on your desktop after you turn on the plug in the socket. This window should not be ignored. Exactly those settings, which you can do here will directly affect the total volume of the connected speakers.
If you connect to ordinary computer speakers, the largest volume is achieved at the expense of their definition as line-out. That is, you need to put the appropriate checkbox in the window that appears. If you connect other types of devices of sound reproduction, you need to start from their characteristics. For example, connecting to a computer subwoofer, set it to parameter/Subwoofer output on the Central channel".
Also when connecting speakers it is important to use all the mixers for subsequent audio playback. Double-click over the speaker in the system tray and click in the resulting window, the "Settings" button, then switch to the Properties tab. Here you need to activate all devices by putting in front of each item show. After you save the settings you will see that the number of sliders in the window has increased. You need to put them in maximum position. This way, you will achieve the maximum sound amplification the speakers.