Advice 1: How to remove the noise when the computer is

Usually computers and laptops are virtually silent. But sometimes the sound becomes very noticeable and annoying. This suggests that perhaps the computer has any problems and he works in the emergency mode. How to reduce computer noise? To understand this question, you need to find out exactly where the noise is published.
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Noise can cause extremely moving parts. It can be an active cooling system with fans, the Winchester hard disk drive. Usually he is very quiet, but if the sound annoys you, you can change it to solid state SSDS. This will significantly increase the speed padikovo system.

If your hard drive is all right, it means that the source of noise are the cooling fans.

Ways to reduce the noise from the coolers PC

The computer fan noise you can eliminate a large number of ways:

to reduce the load on the processor;

- replace the cooling system;

- forced to reduce frequency of rotation;

- to replace the small cooler large;

- lubricate the fan;

- check the setting of the fan;

- clean the radiator from dust and dirt.

How to remove the noise

The more loaded the CPU, the more heat it will emit and the greater the work of his fans. If there's a program on the computer is hung up, the load is further increased. To resolve this problem, it is enough to close the hung program.

If you replace the cooling system on liquid, it is possible to improve the heat sink. At the same time during their work you will only hear the sound of working pump and flowing water.

There are special programs to reduce the frequency of rotation of coolers. One of the most popular is SpeedFan. It is good that can control the fan speed in automatic mode.

The bigger the fan the better the cooling effect that it provides. The number of spins less and, accordingly, the computer noise is reduced. The bearings in the fans too, are different. Among the two types of rolling and sliding, it is better to choose the first option because it is more stable by emitting sound effects.

Sometimes it is enough just to lubricate the fan, so he started to work quietly. For this purpose, suitable oil for sewing machines. If you want to coat the CPU, pry the sticker that is pasted on the bearing. Drip to the oil and glue it into place.

The fan setup can be verified very easily. You need to go into the computer BIOS and check if the settings Smart Fun Control section PC Health Status. Depending on the motherboard type, the function name may vary. It should be included, that is, to have a status of Enable.

If the radiator has accumulated a lot of dust, it breaks the system, the fans have to work with a vengeance. For cleaning them, there are special cans of compressed air that can be purchased in a specialty store.

Knowing the ways on how to reduce computer noise, you will easily cope with this problem. But if your device produces a sound like a squeak or whistle, then your PC requires replacement of components. Track the status of your computer or laptop and time to fix.

Advice 2 : Why clicks hard drive

The failure of a hard disk leads to loss of recorded information are often very valuable for the owner. It is therefore necessary to monitor closely the operation of the drive in time to notice symptoms.
Why clicks hard drive

Hard disk device

The full name of the hard disk drive on hard disk drives (HDD). Information is stored on a ferromagnetic layer deposited on a round plate of metal or glass. The drive may consist of one or of several plates separated by separators of non-magnetic material, which regulate the air flow inside the sealed chamber and suppress the noise from the hard drive (another name for the HDD).

Recording and reading of information is performed using magnetic heads mounted on the ends of arms. The head is held at a distance of several nm from the magnetic surface due to air flow, which is generated during the rotation of the disks.
The rotation speed is one of the main characteristics of the hard drive. The higher it is, the faster the access to information.

At rest, with a stationary disk, the magnetic head returns to the Parking area where they cannot damage the magnetic surface. This zone is usually placed in the spindle, around which the rotation occurs or outside drives. Contactless method of recording and reading ensures the safety of the device.

Why clicks Winchester

Clicks are heard when the positioning of the heads. If in the power saving mode of the system is specified disconnecting the drive or switching to sleep mode, clicks will be heard often enough. Another reason for the repositioning of the head may be an increase in the temperature inside the HDA.

Unstable power also affects the accuracy of positioning of the heads and may cause clicks. In the worst case cause clicks will be the defects of the magnetic surface or the magnetic head does not see the servo labels of sectors on the hard drive.
Clicks can be the consequence of self-test hard disk in which the firmware marks bad sectors.

What to do

To avoid problems with power supply, try replacing the computer's power supply or connect the hard drive to another system unit. Inspect the appearance of the power connectors - if they are darkened, you may have a bad contact and short circuit.

Check hard disk for overheating – perhaps it requires a forced cooling. If the HDD led located on the front panel lights up and the hard disk is making clicking is evidence of the difficulties with positioning of the heads.

Test drive programs Victoria or MHDD. If the results of the S. M. A. R. T. will be disappointing, it is better to save important data to another media and replace the hard drive.

Advice 3 : Why computer making strange noises

An ordinary home computer should be quiet and gentle. And if suddenly it starts to make strange noises, we urgently need to take care of his health.
Why computer making strange noises

Noisy computers

Have a cool gaming monsters. For them, silence is not important. Important is only the performance. Gamers and overclocking already fast processors to the critical speeds. Set incredible card with incredible performance. All of this is heated. The internal temperature of the computer increases, and the heat need to take. This requires very powerful, but noisy fans.
If a gamer cares not only about speed but also about himself, he'll take a more expensive cooling system. For example a liquid. And then there will be no noise, no problems with heat dissipation.

There are high-performance servers the major companies. They cry like little planes. This is the normal state. Therefore, I put these computers in a special, equipped with air conditioning and uninterrupted power supply of the server room. Always be with them in the same room not just impossible, but harmful to human health.

But ordinary home computer needs to operate almost silently.


Good computer literally jam-Packed with fans.
The computer may be up to a dozen fans. Always have a fan in the power supply. The CPU has its own cooler. The fans put on the graphics card and disks. And the case can fit a few extra pieces.

Like any mechanism, they require periodic maintenance. Blades clogged with dust. The bearings inside the fans wear out. Then the computer makes weird noises, all kinds of whistles and squeaks. Method of struggle – regular cleaning of the computer from dust. Helps periodic lubrication of the bearings of the fans. There is a radical method - the replacement of noisy products.


But there are sounds and worse. Turn on the computer, and from it distributed to the “jaw-jaw”.
Serviceable hard disk does not extradite its presence. He is quiet and Executive. And starts making other sounds just in case problems arise.

Is a harbinger of trouble with the hard drive. It is urgently necessary to check. Valuable information is better to save to other drives. It doesn't matter where, as long as the copy was. Otherwise you run the risk of losing memorable photos of you, or nearly ready thesis.
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