Most often the problem lies in the heart of the column, in its dynamics. To fix column defect dynamics, we need to know what it is. Options may be several:

  • condensation on the membrane;

  • debris between the magnet and the coil;

  • the impulse wires to the diffuser;

  • demagnetization of the magnets;

  • the state of the membrane.

In each case, there is an option to "revive" column on their own. It is also worth remembering that a breach of the hull speakers may cause noise and extraneous sounds.

  1. Condensation on the membrane can be removed by heating it under an incandescent lamp. Remember to wipe the membrane can not, the slightest disturbance of its shape may result in the loss of sonic qualities.

  2. The disruption of the membrane, you can try to repair by replacement. To correct the form, worth a try if there's no other way, but do it very carefully.

  3. Dust dynamics, it is better to remove with a cotton swab and alcohol. Wind the wool on the tip of a long stick or post, soak it in alcohol and start cleaning.

  4. If you found detached from the diffuser wires, need to solder. After spaete everything in place, reinforce them with epoxy or glue. Duct tape is a strong option for dynamics.

  5. The worst option, if "led" magnet. In this case, repair the column only by replacing the magnet. To find a suitable magnet, can be harder than replacing the speaker as a whole.

  6. What was it column, the problem is complicated. It is better not to close the "gap" and to change the whole wall. For this you can use a plastic plate, a wooden Board, or metal. Not an easy task, the integrity column should be perfect, otherwise the sound will be lost. So after a new item is ready, pre-process locations of the new joints silicate glue or epoxy.