After the abolition of oral contraceptives within the first three menstrual cycles there is a "rebound effect", it is called pregnancy after a cancellation. This feature is often used by midwives to increase the probability of conception for couples who have long been planning a child. The effect of contraceptive hormone preparations is based on the fact that the ovaries are just off from the work in obstetrics is the term "rest". After drug withdrawal the ovaries are once again involved in the work, and it often happens that ripen several eggs simultaneously.
The greatest chance for multiple pregnancy exists among women who took low-dose oral contraceptives 3 to 6 months and got pregnant in one of the first cycles. The doctors say that the better the health of the woman, the higher the probability of maturation of two or more eggs.
The multiple pregnancy rate is rising, but not enough to seriously possible to guarantee twins, and recommend this method as a way to give birth to twins or triplets. If this statement was unambiguous, the number of twins has increased many times over.
Obstetricians are not ready to say the exact percentage of multiple pregnancies that occurred because of administration of oral contraceptives (OC). Moreover, "rebound-effect" is only observed in women who took oral contraceptives for over 5 years in a row. The women who took the OK longer than 5-6 years, the body can regain its hormonal status during the year. At this time is the residual effect from contraception and ovulation can be irregular. It is important to remember that menstruation is not a sign of ovulation, and therefore pregnancy may be delayed. There are tests to track ovulation.
It turns out that the reason for the birth of twins – some hormonal failure, when ripen multiple eggs instead of one. These hormonal background is often observed in women giving birth after 35 years, the probability of twins and triplets is higher in those who have previously given birth.
If you want to give birth to twins and ready including artificial hormonal stimulation, which is carried out before IVF and allows you to get several eggs, think, because multiple pregnancy is not the norm for humans. This pregnancy is an ordeal for the woman's body, increasing the risk of miscarriage, complications of pregnancy and premature birth.