Advice 1: Look like the genitals of a hermaphrodite

Hermaphroditism is one of the defects which occurs in one out of two thousand newborn infants. This defect involves presence of one and the same person signs both sexes.
Look like the genitals of a hermaphrodite
Hermaphroditism causes difficulties in the attribution of the individual to any particular floor. He is one of the forms of intersexualism. Hermaphroditism has been known since ancient times. This phenomenon underlies the belief, common in the East and the West.

One view is that of Hermes and Aphrodite had a son of great beauty, called him a Hermaphrodite. When the boy was fifteen years old, he had been lusting after nymph Salmakida, but her love was not mutual. The nymph was inconsolable and at her request, the gods United it with the Hermaphrodite together to create a unisexual creature.
If you consider hermaphroditism from a medical point of view, nothing special here, at least in our time. The development of such a embryo is no different from the normal development of the child. However, already in the sixth week of life can be viewed two sexual system - male and female.
By the end of its development in the womb from nine-month-old fetus men instead of the normal prostate develops the rudiment of the uterus, the so-called "male dearest". The testicles correspond to the ovaries, seminal vesicles, uterine tubes, and the clitoris is an undeveloped penis.
Long hermaphrodites are divided into two types. The first are female hermaphrodites, that is, the manifestation of androgyny. And, accordingly, the male, the so-called gynandria.
In addition, hermaphroditism can develop the type of lateralis, that is, the organs of the male body are on one side and female on the opposite. There is also a type transversalis, when the internal organs correspond to one type, and outer otherwise.
Despite the fact that in our society, hermaphroditism is a disease, you need to understand that each of us has a double beginning, the opposite of our own nature. Oddly enough, but in ancient times, hermaphrodites were very honorable. This phenomenon was sung in ballads and poems, many deities were androgynous. So, do not think that people with this disorder worse than we are.
Treatment of hermaphroditism on an individual basis. When choosing the floor take into account the functional predominance of female or male body. Mainly conduct operations on the external genitals, but there are cases of operations, the complete elimination of hermaphroditism. After such operations there should be continuous monitoring of specialists, but overall the prognosis is favorable. Unfortunately, the procreation in such a case is impossible.

Advice 2: What fish are considered hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodites are considered to be fish, possessing both male and female sexual characteristics. By itself, the hermaphroditism is the simultaneous (or sequential) the presence of a living organism of male and female sexual characteristics and organs for reproduction.
The wrasses are fish-hermaphroditic
For many fish species is characterized by clear division of the sexes and, as a consequence, sexual reproduction. Interestingly, some fish are polygamous and others monogamous. But perhaps the most curious fish are hermaphrodites. It's hard to believe, but some of these fish can do throughout your life to change gender several times. That individual can function in both female and male. Usually the fish is traceable sequential hermaphroditism, which can affect both the environment and some changes in their populations.
There are fish are hermaphrodites that start their lives are males, and later undergo a radical metamorphosis of their reproductive system, turning into fully functional females. Here it is a question of preteendigestcom hermaphroditism. For example, this form of hermaphroditism have members of the family of groupers. A striking example of such transformations could be found in the marine wrasses: all males with age are transformed into females.

However, in the family of the wrasses observed the reverse process: when you need to and females can take place of the missing males. This happens if the group Gubanov, remove the male. In this case, the strongest female will show male behavior, and within two weeks her reproductive system is changing dramatically, starting to produce male sex cells.
Hermaphroditism fish may be not only natural but artificial, occurring under the influence of any chemicals. For example, the American scientists from the U.S. Geological survey who have studied the basins of major rivers of the United States, came to the conclusion that in certain American rivers came fish mutants, which are bisexual. It turned out that hermaphrodites, mutants are both Smallmouth and largemouth perch. Scientists have identified the main habitats of these fish, the Mississippi river, Llamp, Colombia, Colorado, Pee Dee, Rio Grande, Colorado, and Apalachicola.

Biologists from the state geological research center in the United States believe that this phenomenon is not due to the natural activity data of the fish. According to them, there is a suspicion that hormonal alteration of these creatures was influenced by deceptive chemical signals in their body. It should be noted that some scholars who have previously argued that these fish change their gender under the influence of various chemicals, do not exclude the possibility of influence on them of other factors, because some of these creatures are generally found in fairly clean waters.
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