Note the abdomen of the female. If it seems to you round and large, it is possible that your fish is pregnant. However, this figure may not be accurate, because you could just overfeed their favorite.
самец моллинезии картинки
Remember when you found out rounding of the abdomen and observe the female for about two weeks, while not overfeed her. If you see that your mollienesia does not eat very much, but my stomach continues to grow, and her rounded hips, then you can safely be assured that soon it will bring you completion.
как отличить самку мулинезии от самца
Pregnancy at mollies is about a month, sometimes, the fry are born a bit sooner or later. To isolate the female separately, we have a week before delivery, so until that time, it is necessary to provide peace of mind. Watch the fish every day and protect it from stress. If it suddenly begins to irritate the male, put it on some time in another place.
Как определить, что рыбка беременна
Watch the behavior of females. The closer the birth, the sounder becomes the fish. She starts to hide in the grass near the bottom, a long time may be hiding in the upper leaves of plants or driftwood. Her stomach by this time acquired an incredibly large size and became like a rectangle. In this case, you should isolate the fish in a specially prepared place for her and to wait, when will begin to appear fry.
как узнать пол рыбки