Take the kitten in his hands, put on hand on her tummy and gently lift the tail. Underneath you can see two holes. Under the tail is the anus, which looks exactly the same as in males and females and resembles the shape of a point.
к какому возрасту у котят формируются половые органы
If it is below the anus you see the vertical slit of the vulva, and the structure of the genital organs as a whole resembles an inverted exclamation mark – means you are a future British lady.
Можно ли отличить кота от кошки по морде
If the second hole is round and located at some distance from the anus (monthly kittens this distance is about a centimeter), and the picture resembles a colon, you are holding the cat.
кот и кошка как отличить фото
Sometimes the cats in the "colon" (between the anal and urethral hole), you can find small bumps: it begins to form the scrotum. But the presence of bulges is not an unambiguous sign of maleness: in young cats, too, are swelling in the area of the genitals.
как различить пол котят
The nipples on her belly are not a unique feature to determine gender: one can notice in both males and females, however in cats they are more noticeable.
как узнать мальчик или девочка у котят
Experienced breeders of British cats can often determine the sex of a kitten in personality and behavior: females are generally more calm and slow, and males more active and purposeful, eager to explore the surrounding area and trying to compete with his brothers.
British cats have a pronounced sexual dimorphism (that is, external differences between males and females). Cats of this breed are much smaller cats, their face and body structure more elegant. But these differences usually occur in older animals, so to determine the gender of two - or three-month kitten, based on the size or body type, most likely will fail.