The mating season of hedgehogs is in June. The male smell, which is secreted by glands of the female, a special secret with pheromones. Candidate for mating he finds, going to the smell. Finding a female hedgehog catches her attention a snort and dashes. If the female responds favorably, start pre-game.
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The process of courtship and sexual intercourse directly urchins trying to hide. That is why they arrange their mating in the thick grass or under the mugs. In the beginning a male and a female do the sniffing, turning to each other muzzles. Then they produce a common act of urination. Then the fun begins.
линяют ежи
The male tries to approach the female from behind. She struggles resists, turns sideways to him with the barbed needles. Hedgehog meets the resistance of Eiji, pushing her paws and muzzle. Then the male raises his head and wrinkles his lips. Throughout sexual play audible gasps and a loud sniff. This process can last for several hours.
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The act of hedgehogs occur in the position of "partner behind". Why the lovers do not interfere with the needles? The fact is that in ordinary life the needles are stiff and hard due to high blood pressure. In the mating season the pressure is reduced, needles become soft. Plus hedgehog picks up the needle, firmly puts them on the back. The sexual act itself lasts 2-3 seconds.
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The pregnancy of iihi – about 7 weeks. Usually born from 3 to 6 ezhat. The cubs appear blind, with smooth light needles. The body length of a newborn baby app – 6-7 cm and a weight of 10-15 grams. Hoglets are beginning to see in 2 weeks, to eat in a month. In the end, the female takes care of the offspring for 2 months, then the hoglets leave their "home". Jerzy lead an independent lifestyle, do not have regular partners and do not form stable families.
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