Advice 1: How to increase the power of a vacuum cleaner

Sometimes there are situations when a vacuum cleaner can not cope with its task when cleaning the house. Do not rush immediately to go to the service or to call the master. This problem can be solved independently.
How to increase the power of a vacuum cleaner
You will need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • filters;
  • water;
  • - the trash.
How to increase the power of the vacuum cleaner for better suction of debris and dust from the Palace? Do one good thing - the view of the filtering system of your vacuum. It can be clogged and so the vacuum cleaner loses power suction. The first filter in a filtration system is a bag, which is a major barrier to dust entering the vacuum cleaner with the air flow. Open the lid of the dust container (usually on the latch) pull out the bag, who is going to the trash, empty its contents in the trash and well knock the dust collector. After that check for integrity; if no holes, then insert it back, the bag does not press down to the hole that leads to the motor of the vacuum cleaner. Disposable paper bag throw them away and insert a new one.
The second filter, which serves to protect the motor from accidental dust, is in front of the motor. Regularly check it but not as often as the bag. To check the second cleaner remove the bag and pull out the filter located in front of the hole of the engine, pulling up. Cleaning of this equipment will allow to increase the capacity of the vacuum cleaner.
If you don't have an expensive vacuum cleaner, then it should stand flat microfiber filter made of pressed material or of foam; if it's broken, find a similar material and cut with scissors the same detail. On more expensive units can stand HEPA filters that are washable. If you like this, then take the filter and wash it under warm running water, then dry and install it back. Don't forget to check the filter for holes. More expensive filters is coal. They are the most practical and reliable. They also need to washed, dried and set in place in the cleaner.
The last filter in the purification system is located after the motor on the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner - he picks up the coal dust from the brushes of the motor. This filter final cleaning less than all affect power, but still makes a contribution in the complete clogging debris. At the exit of the jet of air from the cleaner should stand cover - remove it and under it locate and remove the filter, they are usually made from a sheet of filter material tokenized FST 0001. If it is clogged and painted in black dust from motor brushes, it is better to replace it. Search the parts stores the same material or pick up similar in size to the old filter, cut a new one, then install it under cover. It should be noted - that such filters are used not only in a simple vacuum, but in besmellah cleanerx cleanerx with Aqua.

Advice 2: Vacuum bag or dust bag: which is better?

Vacuum appliance that helps the owner to maintain cleanliness in the house, use it regularly, so it is important that it be functional and convenient, provided the degree of comfort that is necessary for you. The choice of vacuum cleaner – it enough difficult, because manufacturers offer a wide range of these devices of different design, capacity and degree of purification of air.
Vacuum bag or dust bag: which is better?
Today, there are three types of vacuums: bag, dust bag and container. If you chose the first two, should consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each of these vacuum cleaners.

Classic vacuum cleaner with a bag for dust collection

They are designed for dry and wet cleaning. The dust is drawn by the flow of the discharged air, in this type of vacuum cleaner comes in a special bag, where it settles the main part of dust. The smallest of its particles are then filtered out at the output of the air flow by special dust collectors and filters. Contemporary models of this type of vacuum cleaners provide more functionality than those that existed 20 years ago. Now this vacuum cleaner not only can you remove spilled liquid on the floor, but clean and steam the furniture and floor coverings, to produce wet cleaning detergents, to dislodge the soft surface and even clean the Windows.
To control the degree of filling of the bag, you can buy a model with the special indicator or one that will not be included when the bag is filled.

Typically, the storage of used disposable dust paper bags with sufficient capacity, which is enough for 1-1,5 month if cleaning is 1 time per week. After the bag is filled, it is simply removed and thrown away. For cases where paper bags over and you do not have time to buy them, vacuum cleaners are supplied with reusable bags made of thick fabric that need to be cleaned manually. For such situations the cloth bags provided with zippers or special clamps just open the bag from the back side and pour the dust into a trash bag.

The advantages of these vacuum cleaners include the simplicity of design and ease of maintenance – if the bag is not full, the cleaner after cleaning, you can just turn it off and put it in the place allocated for storage, it is ready to work at any time and does not require any additional actions. The only thing you need, it's time to change or clean the bag. The desired degree of air purification is easily achieved through the use of single or multiwall bags dust bags, and fine filtration at the outlet.

The disadvantages of vacuum cleaners with bags include the necessity of replacement or cleaning of the dust bag and the fact that as it is filling the suction power is weakened. In addition, paper bags, which are sold in hardware stores may not be suitable for your vacuum cleaner, if the brand is not very popular.

Vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter

Initially, these vacuum cleaners have been developed and used for computer production and hospital offices, which was essential high quality cleaning the air from fine dust particles and pollen, causing an allergic reaction. As dust use a container with water, through which the dust particles are dissolved and settle in it. In the industrial expensive equipment having a large size, uses a complex system of cleaning water, the dust first goes through a water mist created by spray nozzles and then through the flowing water. In household appliances system water filter less complicated, which of course, leads to a decrease in purity.

The advantages of vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter can be attributed to the lack of replacement bags and good filtering of those dust particles that are wetted with water. In addition, the air, missed this vacuum cleaner, well cleaned and hydrated.

However, the disadvantages of these structures is much more. They require extra care – after cleaning the container must be clean and dry, before cleaning and during it – fill the container with water. In cases when the container is full, water may spill if the vacuum cleaner is leaned over or ran into some obstacle. Non-wetted waste water filter is not delayed, and to him include pet hair, threads of fabric with water-repellent, synthetic shavings and scraps. This debris clogs the filters and reduces the quality of cleaning. The heat and humidity of a working vacuum cleaner – the perfect medium for bacteria in the system, fine filtration, so they require frequent replacement and additional maintenance. To avoid the breeding of bacteria, the vacuum cleaner is stored in disassembled form, so before you begin, you need to spend time to collect it. All this leads to the fact that the interest of buyers to this type of vacuum cleaner begins to wane and ratings of models with a water fall dust collector.
Any type of cleaning needs more care. Respecting the rules of use, and conducting preventative maintenance, you will prolong its service life.

What to look for when buying a vacuum cleaner

As can be seen from the foregoing, the purchase of a vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter is justified if your objective is to get rid of minute dust particles that cause allergies. In this case, you needed an expensive machine with large size, cheap models with this task can not cope. In all other cases, going to choose and buy a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to ease of operation and maintenance, the speed and quality of cleaning, the degree of air cleaning, noise levels, weight, design and existing enhancements, and also attachments that extend its functionality.
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