You will need
  • Old Bicycle tire, rubber tube, tape, scissors, a piece of wire, a rubber band.
Most commonly a flexible hose of a vacuum cleaner can prohoditsja in places where the line of the bend. So if your vacuum cleaner became weaker to draw air, it fell and the sound of the running intensified, carefully osmatrite the hose throughout its length.
Maybe during the cleaning in a vacuum cleaner got large debris, and the hose is just clogged. To remove a foreign object stretch hose and look inside. If there is no clearance, take a long rail with a rounded end and clean the hose.
Upon detection of minor cracks make a special pad. To do this, take an old Bicycle tire, cut a piece the size slightly larger than the damaged area and pull the hose of a vacuum cleaner. Special rubber bands secure in place wear.
If the hose almost exploded, then cut it completely. Pick a thick rubber tube of suitable diameter. Cut 10 inches, put the disconnected hose ends on this pipe and secure with wire. On top of the joint tape.
More simple and affordable way of fixing the hose is to coil it with improvised means. It will be effective when a crack in the hose is still small. It can be used as the usual wide tape, and tape for taping Windows. Carefully connect the injury and wrap. Go tape a few times, grabbing at 7-8 inches on each side of the gap.
Of course, all of these methods is only a temporary measure. Therefore, the most reliable option is to purchase a new hose. If in your city there are no specialized shops, walk around the flea market. There you will definitely find the hose for my old vacuum, and it will cost you quite cheaply. After replacing the hose the vacuum cleaner will last you one year.