In order to increase the basses on your computer, use the equalizer settings of your player. In this case, you have to put low frequency at such a high level as you need this, then try a level to include music through the subwoofer. You can also use presets, which are automatically programmed equalizer player a certain level of bass.
The second method by which you can change the bass level on your computer is to download special programs that increase the frequency on the computer. After installing such programs, you may need to restart the computer. After enable, check the preset, which will provide the desired level of bass.
A third option is to change the bass levels of the track. For this we need a music editor. Preferably Adobe Audition, this editor provides a thirty-day trial period. Download the track, then highlight the entire audio track and go to the graphic equalizer. Configure it accordingly to audio level and save the track on the computer.