Advice 1: How to increase bass on your computer

In order to listen to music really loud, many buy their high quality speakers, multi-channel sound with separate subwoofer. However, when listening to music at maximum volume the low frequencies can get lost in the overall volume of the track. In order to fix this nasty little thing, you must increase the bass on the computer. This can be done in one of three ways, described below.
How to increase bass on your computer
In order to increase the basses on your computer, use the equalizer settings of your player. In this case, you have to put low frequency at such a high level as you need this, then try a level to include music through the subwoofer. You can also use presets, which are automatically programmed equalizer player a certain level of bass.
The second method by which you can change the bass level on your computer is to download special programs that increase the frequency on the computer. After installing such programs, you may need to restart the computer. After enable, check the preset, which will provide the desired level of bass.
A third option is to change the bass levels of the track. For this we need a music editor. Preferably Adobe Audition, this editor provides a thirty-day trial period. Download the track, then highlight the entire audio track and go to the graphic equalizer. Configure it accordingly to audio level and save the track on the computer.

Advice 2: How to increase the bass

Bass (lower range of sound in music) sometimes it is necessary to strengthen. This can be done using the equalizer, which is the majority of computer players that can play music. If you need to change the audio track, you have to use special software programs such as Sound Forge 7.0.
The bass is sometimes necessary to strengthen
You will need
  • A computer with a modern operating system. Access to the Internet.
If you have not, download software Sound Forge 7.0 of the Internet, where it can be found in the public domain. This program has many features for working with audio tracks and modify them.
After downloading, open the program and paste the sound file you want to edit. File, you can add by dragging into the program.
Click on Menu and select Process, then EQ, then Graphic. Select the 10-band equalizer. Before you can see the equalizer (software that allows you to change the signal amplitude in certain frequencies).
The first strip EQ's low frequencies, ie bass. This piece is the engine, slide it up and the bass will increase.
Save the modified file under a new name.
Should not be too much to increase the bass, since a composition will sound unnatural. Bass needed for the "coloring" of the music, making it more colorful. In addition, the radical editing may disrupt the harmony of the whole musical work. Remember that all bass notes are complex sound waves containing a range of higher notes.
Useful advice
In order not to increase the bass "deaf", click preview. During playback you can also change the bass level to select the most optimal sound for the sound track.
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