You will need
  • Empty bottle
  • Sponge for washing dishes
  • Silicone
  • Garden hose
  • Electric pump (for example, you can take this from an old self-inflating mattress)
Cut the hose into two pieces (length can be choose according to your taste, but the piece that will be used for dust collection should be two times longer than the second).
Cut a hole in the top of the bottle and glue to the edges of one end of a short piece of hose. The second end attach to the part of the pump that emits air.
Cut another hole in the sides of the bottle above the hole that you cut earlier. Place the sponge. It will serve as a makeshift filter cleaner.
Now take a long piece of hose. Treat one of its ends with silicone adhesive and attach to the pump. The second end of the hose you will have to collect dust! You can now enable your new vacuum cleaner and start cleaning.