Buying a quality vacuum: the most important moments

First you need to choose the appropriate type of dust collector. If you want to purchase a cheap cleaner, it makes sense to give preference Meshkova model. Definitely will have to regularly spend money on buying new bags, but at the time of purchase this option helps you achieve significant savings. However, it is important to remember the disadvantages of such products. First, bag vacuum cleaners, generally do not have a high level of filtration and flow of the contaminated air. Secondly, if the bags are not thrown away regularly, they will accumulate bacteria, and this can be harmful to human health.

Another option, which also is not too high a price, is a cyclone model with a container to collect dust. Such vacuum cleaners do not need regular replacement of dust collectors and can also boast a high level of filtration. To clean the dust and debris, simply empty the container and rinse it. The disadvantage of such models is the relatively high level of noise: a box to collect dust begins to resonate and the result is a pretty loud sound.

Models with Aqua-filter are quite expensive, but they are reliable and convenient. They are of very high quality air filtration and in addition moisturize it, which is especially important in the cold season, when heating appliances are working. To clean the dust and dirt, enough to empty and rinse with special water container, built-in vacuum cleaner. However, in addition to relatively high prices in these models, there is another drawback to consider: these vacuum cleaners are of a great size and weight, which somewhat complicates their use and storage.

Finally, you should pay attention to washing models. They provide the highest quality of cleaning and help to remove dirt, dust and even stains from carpets. Such products of the road and are of a great weight, especially during use when filled with water. After each use they should be dry.

What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner for home

When choosing a vacuum cleaner is not worth paying attention exclusively on capacity – this option does not reflect the quality of cleaning, rather it is associated with noise level and power consumption. Even a good set of brushes could speak more about the capabilities of the model.

Another thing – the suction power. If this feature turns out to be less than 260 watts, a vacuum cleaner does not make sense to buy. Models from 260 to 300 watts will work, if you want to remove "light" surface: laminate or linoleum in the house where no cats and very little dirt. Models with suction power of more than 300 W is suitable even for cleaning carpets from cat hair.