Remove from the body of the vacuum cleaner vozduhonezavisimymi unit. Then remove the fan shroud and loosen the nut on the axis of the engine cleaner. Please note that the nut may have in some cases left-hand threads, so that the cranks do not press hard so as not to disrupt her.
Off-axis alternating aluminum wheels fan (without blades and with blades). Also remove the bushing, which separates one disc from another. Be careful and remember the sequence in which housed the disks and the sleeve, so that during Assembly you could install them in exactly the same order. Play as the withdrawal in order on a clean shop cloth.
Then remove the screws that hold the clamp on the motor bearings, and remove the covers. If you took the engine apart, change the grease. This requires to remove old grease and wash the bearings with gasoline. Make sure that the gasoline did not get to the coil. Fill the bearings with grease.
Build the engine in the reverse order. During Assembly of the vacuum cleaner, make sure that you have left the "extra detail" on the inside, because if it enters the fan, these items could destroy it. After Assembly make sure the fan runs freely by turning the anchor by hand. It needs to make 10-15 revolutions without the crunch and extraneous sounds – the sound should be smooth.
For good engine operation to periodically change or clean the filter clean the intake air. If this is not done, the engine will overheat due to adhering of dust and, eventually, burn out. Vacuum cleaner requires constant care – change lubricant every two years and annually check the condition of the engine, even if it does not give reason for concern. Then your vacuum cleaner will serve you for a long time and regularly and do not have to do costly repairs.