You will need
  • Tools for parsing home appliances, gloves, instruction manual for your cleaner.
If you decide to disassemble your vacuum cleaner, first decide what you need to dismantle the vacuum cleaner. Dismantling the vacuum cleanerand can be complete and incomplete. The former implies complete removal of all parts, and the second - the removal of only those parts, the dismantling of which does not require the use of special tools. Partial dismantling you make when you change the filters in your vacuum cleanerE. it should Also be noted that periodically, it is recommended to perform a full disassembly of the vacuum cleanerto remove accumulated dust and dirt. You need to clean the turbine blades, as dust and dirt interfering with its unobstructed rotation. You can extend the life of your vacuum cleanerand, if you follow its technical condition. First of all, read the user manual of your vacuum cleanerand, as each model has its own specific features.
Disconnect your vacuum cleaner from the network so you do not accidentally electrocuted. If the power cord is disconnected, then separate it from the body. Remove all external parts. Very often, the nozzles are stored in a special compartment of the vacuum cleanerand they should get it. Remove the parts taken from the dust and dirt, and gently set them aside.
Locate all the screws that secure the housing of the vacuum cleaner. Gently Unscrew them. Try not to confuse the screws. To do this, take a sheet of paper and draw on it the approximate scheme of location of the screws on the vacuum cleaner. Then every screw put into the place reserved for him. The fact that the screws may slightly differ in width and length. If you confuse them, you can accidentally break the plastic socket.
After removing all the screws carefully find all the plastic clips, which are usually attached to the body. You must click on them to remove the body of the vacuum cleaner. It is best to use a special set of tools from flexible plastic or hard rubber, as they do not break the plastic vacuum. In any case, do not use for this purpose ordinary iron screwdriver, as the casing may crack from exposure to iron.
After removing the case the analysis is almost finished. Now carefully clean all the interior space, including turbine blades. It should be noted that further analysis of the cleanerand requires desoldering. It should be made only in a special place and with special equipment. All treatments must be handled with gloves to avoid leaving on the interior parts of a greasy residue and does not stain your hands with oil.