If you have the opportunity to help with money, then donate them to peoplewho need expensive treatment or caught in a difficult situation and left without a livelihood. On the Internet you will find organizations that provide information about those who need financial assistance. For example, the Fund "give life", which raises funds to treat children suffering from cancer and other serious diseases.
You can become a volunteer. Volunteer assistance is that you in your spare time for free to help people. You can visit kids in orphanages, to help sick children in hospitals and orphanages, care for the elderly in nursing homes, help lonely people and the disabled. For example, the organization "the Club of volunteers" helps orphans and children in difficult life situation. Or the charity Foundation "Starost' V radost" provides support for the elderly.
Help needy people with clothes, food and other necessary things. For example, take unnecessary but in good condition clothes to the nearest Church or collection point of things.
You can donate blood units of blood transfusion. Learn more about the donation and about the possible contraindications are available on the official websites of blood transfusion or directly to a medical facility. Maybe your blood will save someone's life.
If you personally know a needy family or a lonely old man, provide them all possible assistance. For example, buy products or help clean the house, give the baby stuff a large family or to help in the design of help or social assistance.
If you're a psychologist or just have rich life experiences in overcoming difficult life situations, try on a free night, make a consultation and to answer questions on a dedicated volunteer forum, providing free help to people.