To cope with this is not fatal, but a nuisance you first need to determine what is out of order "to localize the fault, as expressed in the films of any "electrocute Pro". Start by checking the basics - make sure that the plug connecting the headphone wire is firmly seated in the Jack. The contacts that transmit signals left and right channels on the modern pin connectors made in the form of rings, located one above the other. If the plug is not inserted up to the stop, the upper ring does not relates to the corresponding contact in the connector and one of the head phones not getting signal.

Another reason could be improper functioning of the device connected to the earphone, a special program ("driver"), providing for its joint work with the systems of this device. Most often, the trouble of this kind happens when headphones are connected to computers. It can only eliminate installing a suitable driver is usually included purchased headphones or the device to which they are connected, there is a disc with the required software. If not, then you'll have to find the driver on the Internet.

Both the above causes are eliminated without "surgical intervention" as himself "patient" (headphones) does not have any damage. If you get to work and the second speaker device of the above methods failed, it is likely that such damage is still there. Inspect the patch cord from the headphone Jack - maybe it is partially damaged and the contact wiring of one of the channels is broken. Most often this occurs near the connecting plug from the speakers and headphones. Of course, the headphones with that kind of damage will have to change, but in the interim, you can replace the damaged part, if at your disposal is an unnecessary device with a similar connection cable. In this case, simply cut the damaged part, clean and twist the wiring of old and new connecting cords and tape (duct tape, adhesive sticker, etc.) the connection of at least one of the two wires.

If none of the above made headphones to function properly, it is very likely that a damaged speaker or something else inside the case broken head phone. As these headphone parts usually are molded, you just have to say goodbye to headphones and indulge in a new purchase.