You will need
  • Spray paint or spray gun, sandpaper, putty, degreaser, lubricant and antistatic agent
The first thing you need to wash the bike to remove all dirt, dust, traces of oil and gasoline. If you do not, all your efforts will be in vain, and painting will be poor. Then let it dry.
How to paint a scooter
Next, you will decide on method of painting: using spray gun or spray paint. As a spray not everyone has, and buying it just to paint a scooter makes no sense, the best would be to use the container.
Let's get to work
Take coarse sandpaper (usually P60) and in circular motions clean the paint in the damaged area. Next, you need to put a starting putty. Allow it to dry and clean again with emery. The next step will be the application of finishing putty and again sanding. Waiting for everything to dry. Special sandpaper P800 we clean the entire part. Further degrease and remove static charge. Go directly to painting. You need to paint in several layers, usually 3-5. Before moving on to a new layer it is necessary that the old dried up and began to "grab".
The scooter is ready