Advice 1: How to choose spark plugs

To date, universal spark ignition, suitable for any car on the market does not exist. However to choose the right candle quite simply, if you approach the issue wisely.
A properly fitted spark plugs - the key to excellent performance of the engine
You will need
  • - the instruction manual for your car or vehicle passport (PTS)
  • - protective gloves
  • - candle key
Determine the type of its engine.
Just look at your title or the manual of your car, if you cannot answer this question. If you have a diesel, then you need candle bulbs glow or spark ignition. For the petrol engine, you need spark the spark plugs.
Unscrew one of your old candles. If access to the spark plugs is not limited, it is quite easy to do with a special candle key. Lift the hood of your car, locate the candles, remove one wire to the pin and carefully remove it.
Go to the store. There you can either pick up the candle according to your make and model of the car or show the old candle, with which consultants and will select a new set.
For passenger cars usually fit the spark plugs with thread type "A". Length of candle, the size of her head and the heat rating is determined by the vehicle manufacturer, and the number of electrodes and the material from which they are made, you can choose from.
Select the material of the electrodes.
A standard candle is supplied with one copper electrode. In addition to copper, the electrodes of the spark plugs is made with addition of iridium, yttrium and platinum. Are candles with such electrodes is several times more expensive than their copper companions, but refractory metals give a much greater resource, that is, the candles last longer and burn slower. You also get more stable and powerful electrical charge, which is important for engine operation: the course will be smooth,with no failures in the ignition.
If funds allow, you make a choice in favor of platinum spark: fuel consumption with exhaust emissions will be reduced by a few percent, and replacement candles will not need for many years. If no extra money - the copper candle is also nice, although there are several less reliable and durable.
Determine the desired number of electrodes.
Standard candles are produced with one side electrode, is improved with several. Manufacturers claim that multi-electrode spark plugs contribute to the operation of the engine without failure and make the system of ignition more reliable. The advice here can only be the same as when choosing the material of the electrodes: use common sense.
For each car manufacturer installs the necessary distance between the Central and side electrode. Try to handle the candles with care and do not drop them, not to displace the electrodes.
Useful advice
Change all the candles at the same time: so there will be less chance that the engine will start to troit.

Advice 2 : How not to fill the spark plug

Your car's engine works as follows. When you turn the ignition key, the cranking and combustion chamber is fed a mixture of air and gasoline. It is easily ignited by a spark provided by spark plug. In sub-zero temperature air and gasoline can be mixed, which becomes difficult to start the engine. In such a situation is not to pour the spark plugs, spend a number of preventive procedures.
How not to fill the spark plug
You will need
  • - the car;
  • - high-quality candles;
  • - good fuel;
  • - Internet;
  • - car service.
Check before onset of cold weather, a faulty starter of your car. Be sure to install the battery the necessary power. Always pay attention to its charge level, especially if you start your car in sub-zero temperatures. Not to fill the spark plugs, the battery should be as charged. Also, use only quality oil for the engine.
Follow the level of deterioration of your car's engine. When the bad condition of the engine the chance of making piston pressure required to create a mixture of air and gasoline is very small. Even if you try to start the engine in tow, there may be flooding the spark plugs. So be sure to repair the engine.
Clean and adjust injector or carburetor. Try to refuel only checked fuel of good quality. If you are not sure, consult with a specialist or ask for advice from friends-motorists.
Starting the car in the cold for a while, apply the load on the battery. Turn it off, wait a few minutes. Gently spin the starter. When a failed startup to not fill the spark plug, wait for a long time and try again. To avoid problems, use a simple but effective way: at night, remove the battery and store it in a warm place.
Be sure to use candles only in good quality. Remember that the advertised brand is not always a guarantee of good products. Consult with experts you trust, as well as motorists with the experience, enjoying your brand of car. Today this type of advice can be accessed through the Internet on discussion forums.
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