Pay attention to how a man looks at you. If his eye is fixed on certain parts of your body, it does not mean that he was to you sincere feelings. It is likely that this is only a momentary interest. Look who inspects you from head to toe - a typical sign that a guy you can admire. This behavior indicates a real sympathy.
Shy and hesitant can see every woman. Man goes through in the hands of small objects, drops, shifts from one hand to another. Attempts to say something, but no words - natural Supplement the overall picture. Do not think that such a man is a prude. It is likely that he just can't find the right words. Your task is to help the guy and start chatting first.
Two things that you should pay special attention to posture during communication and facial expression. If a man politely bows his head in your direction when communicating or trying to establish is a clear sign of interest. If his eyebrows are raised, and the look in your eyes, the sympathy is even more obvious.
If you notice that the man was not driving with your eyes - pay attention to his shoes. Sincere interest can tell the toe of the Shoe. If it is directed in the opposite direction from you, the interest of the boy is fleeting. If aimed in your direction - you are in the spotlight and have a chance to get a cavalier without major efforts.
Note the hands of your chosen one, who must be standing next to you. In this case it is not about trying to hug, but the expression of concern. Light, almost accidental touch is the most vivid demonstration indeed of sincere feelings.