Advice 1: How to punish a guy who enjoys the kindness of the girl

Women are by nature subtle and spiritual nature, especially at a young age. Guys can enjoy the kindness of the girl. However, there are ways to punish the person who caused you emotional pain.
How to punish a guy who enjoys the kindness of the girl

How to punish a guy who enjoys the kindness of the girl

That goodness the girls are starting to use it, she understands immediately. The first ardent passion or strong youthful love is able to bring to mind the inexperienced mind of a girl. Gradually comes the realization that the guy uses you to their advantage. This behaviour is accompanied by similar characteristics.

Features of the behavior of a guy that is worth paying attention to

One of the most obvious signs is the lack to sincere interest. The guy is only interested in its Affairs and problems, and he says it constantly. If your young man stopped to ask how you're doing, that is a bad sign. He's used to having you always there and can perform any of its request, despite the fact that you can have your business. If you refuse, the behavior of a guy can change dramatically for the irritable and aggressive. Calls at any time to fulfill his request - it is a sign of disrespect to you. When you solve their problems independently, and a young man not involved in this process, you are indifferent to him and deep feelings there. A loving person will always help your soulmate. A person who enjoys the kindness of the girl will lose interest in it immediately after receiving the result. Will appear on the horizon again if you need anything. So you understand that a boyfriend is using your kindness. Try to punish him.

Tactics of behavior

There is the traditional method that always works in the behavior of men of any age. You just need to disappear from his life suddenly and unexpectedly. Ideally change the room or close access to the page in social networks. This behavior will surprise your guy. Here will be a test of the feelings that he has for you. If a man loves, he will find any way to contact you. This is the first stage, which puts everything in its place.

Next, you need to act on the situation. Check the reaction of your boyfriend on your every action. This will help to develop a plan of cold revenge to the offender. The best way is to do it this way. When will the next call with a request, it is better to refuse in a sharp form, but not offending. So it is necessary to make some times to your guy realized who he was dealing with and to use them you won't allow it. You can ask him to fulfill your request, but then to embarrass in front of friends or in a big company. This is quite a hard method, but effective.

The most important thing is not to give in insult. If you have already met the person who is using your kindness, it is better to erase it from my life. In the future you are expected by many interesting encounters with worthy men.

Advice 2 : How to punish the girl for treason

Girls are not always faithful to his mate. If you found out that your lover has betrayed you, you can come up with some punishment, to fight off the urge to edit.
How to punish the girl for treason
If you found out that your significant other cheated on you, don't immediately rush to her and make a huge scandal. Think about whether you want to establish and keep relationship with your partner, or you will not be able to forgive her. If you understand that you still love her and don't want to lose, vengeance is better to refuse, because then your relationship will be even worse. If you have no more feelings for the traitor, and you are to take revenge, wait until your anger has cooled down, after all revenge is a dish best served cold.
The first thing you can think of as of revenge - to tell the girl about what you know about her betrayal, but it's not cause you have absolutely no emotions and feelings, as love to the lady you have not experienced, and just spend time with her, because she is so available and, like, not so unattractive. Most likely, after these your words, she will begin to tell you that you, too, she did not want that, she just used you, her lover much better than you in everything. Resolve a outlet for her negativity with a smile on my face, believe me, this is really gonna hurt her feelings.
The second method consists in the following. You can tell the girl that you forgive her, that your relationship remains the same, however, after some time, try to seduce her closest friend. For the girl who once betrayed you, this will be a very painful and sad, because she once hurt only you, and she hurt not only her beloved young man, but also closest friend. From now on, the cheater will need to find themselves and new boyfriend and new girlfriend.
Another way revenge is. You can inform the fairer sex that I recently visited a venereologist, and the results, unfortunately, were disappointing. You sick with something, and since has never changed its second half, so the carrier of the infection was exactly it. Of course, your lies soon you will still come out, but imagine that it will have the wrong girl, going round the local hospital and waiting for test results. In addition, it is possible that during these visits she met in the hospital someone from friends, who then love to tell everyone around that saw this girl in an intimate doctor. After that she is unlikely to escape a hideous sense of shame and disgrace.
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