How to punish a guy who enjoys the kindness of the girl

That goodness the girls are starting to use it, she understands immediately. The first ardent passion or strong youthful love is able to bring to mind the inexperienced mind of a girl. Gradually comes the realization that the guy uses you to their advantage. This behaviour is accompanied by similar characteristics.

Features of the behavior of a guy that is worth paying attention to

One of the most obvious signs is the lack to sincere interest. The guy is only interested in its Affairs and problems, and he says it constantly. If your young man stopped to ask how you're doing, that is a bad sign. He's used to having you always there and can perform any of its request, despite the fact that you can have your business. If you refuse, the behavior of a guy can change dramatically for the irritable and aggressive. Calls at any time to fulfill his request - it is a sign of disrespect to you. When you solve their problems independently, and a young man not involved in this process, you are indifferent to him and deep feelings there. A loving person will always help your soulmate. A person who enjoys the kindness of the girl will lose interest in it immediately after receiving the result. Will appear on the horizon again if you need anything. So you understand that a boyfriend is using your kindness. Try to punish him.

Tactics of behavior

There is the traditional method that always works in the behavior of men of any age. You just need to disappear from his life suddenly and unexpectedly. Ideally change the room or close access to the page in social networks. This behavior will surprise your guy. Here will be a test of the feelings that he has for you. If a man loves, he will find any way to contact you. This is the first stage, which puts everything in its place.

Next, you need to act on the situation. Check the reaction of your boyfriend on your every action. This will help to develop a plan of cold revenge to the offender. The best way is to do it this way. When will the next call with a request, it is better to refuse in a sharp form, but not offending. So it is necessary to make some times to your guy realized who he was dealing with and to use them you won't allow it. You can ask him to fulfill your request, but then to embarrass in front of friends or in a big company. This is quite a hard method, but effective.

The most important thing is not to give in insult. If you have already met the person who is using your kindness, it is better to erase it from my life. In the future you are expected by many interesting encounters with worthy men.