Catching and cooking crayfish - employment is sometimes less fun than fishing. Manually catching them hard in the trap with bait, like a fish - it is impossible, therefore was invented the simplest design, called the special traps or racename, which represent traps for crayfish.

Necessary tools and materials

The simplest design rakolovki represents a ring of steel wire of a diameter of about half or a little less. Design this particular way is covered with mesh. This rakolovki there is a drawback - you want to test it, getting out of the water on average once in half an hour, as after eating crabs with the ease of her leaving. Therefore it is better to make some complicated model, which can be left on all night: out of this racini difficult.

To do with their hands such a structure, you will need a mesh - durable and with a small mesh, thick wire, at least 4-6 mm in diameter, and nylon thread.

In that case, if rakolovka made in the field and from the material at hand, can serve as a frame big plastic bottle, but instead of a grid you can use nylon tights or stockings. The frame can be made of wood, and even entirely made of wicker.

The process of making

The main element of the trap for cancers remains a ring of steel wire, but in this case, you need to make two of them, the first circle of about half a meter, and the second 15-20, see If there is a ready wire frame of another shape, it can also be used, obtenus grid.
If the wire used is not less than 6 mm in diameter, additional weights are not needed, in other cases, you can tie them to the bottom, below the design not knocked over.

The net to the rings attached with nylon thread, but if this method seems too tedious, you can use plastic clamps. Of the wire struts are made of 3: of equal length and a height of from 10 to 20 cm On these struts reinforce the top little ring to it stood straight and steady over large lying on the ground. For easy transportation and folding at least one spacer have to do removable.

After that, mesh upholstered side Racine. On the top a small ring fixed in the same way as on the bottom using nylon thread or plastic clamps. The excess mesh is trimmed after fixing and rakolovku you can use pre-tied to the upper ring strong rope to pull a full trap out of the water. The thickness and material of the rope does not matter, the main thing - strength and good nodes extraction can be heavy, if the trap is filled to the brim.
The bait is tied to the bottom rakolovki. In some places crayfish prefer fresh fish, refuting the rumors about his addiction to fall.

Catching crayfish is often used for the flashlight, or the opposite where the trap is fitted, on the banks of a fire. Crayfish are attracted to light, and the catch will be greater using these tricks.