Advice 1: Bait for crayfish - fish or garlic?

Good luck in the hunt for cancers depends primarily on the season and how strong the cancer will show interest to offer him the lure. Bait needs to have a strong flavor and or correspond to the diet of crayfish, or to serve as a kind of delicacy.
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Success in catching crayfish depends on many factors: design rakolovki, seasonal factors, time of day, but the most important element will be the attractiveness of the bait. Despite the fact that cancers are considered sanitation water and is able to clear them from the fall, bait of stale products work is quite weak, contrary to popular belief that cancers in the diet prefer rotten meat and fish.

Bait fish

In order for cancer to attract to the trap needed bait, have a strong odor. However, stale meat and fish can attract only very hungry crayfish live in ponds, not very rich flora and fauna. In addition, the seasonal factor has on the success of catching a significant impact in autumn and early winter, when the crustaceans accumulate reserves for the winter and begin to hatch the eggs, the best bait is fresh fish, frogs, shellfish, meat products.

Best bait for crayfish is considered to be roach, bream, carp, gobies, bream. Perch, catfish and pike cancer eats reluctantly and only when absolutely necessary. The best bait is fresh fish, incised along the back and turned inside out so the bait has a strong smell, well privatively cancers. With the same purpose – to give the bait the most strong smell, you can properly clean the fish from scales or drip in the incision in the carcass a little fish oil. The least effective bait can be purchased frozen fish: capelin, hake, Pollock, etc.

Garlic bait

In summer the best and very easy to manufacture a lure is considered to be rye bread with garlic. For the manufacture of such lures, you can skip the loaf of bread together with garlic through a meat grinder and the resulting mass roll into small balls that are placed in the trap. If there is no time and desire to Tinker with the grinder, just a good stretch your garlic in the fixture to grind and mix with breadcrumbs. To sodden in the water, the bread was not blurred and did not take away crayfish, bread balls placed in small gauze bags.

You can also use dried garlic, which is full of pieces of bread and RUB the crust of bread slices to increase the intensity of the smell. Sometimes the bread with the garlic add a few sprigs of dill. A few hundred years ago, crayfish were caught, even on the bricks, which are pre-heated and rubbed with garlic cloves.

Advice 2: How to bake fish in foil

Baked fish in foil - perhaps the most appropriate dish for a romantic dinner. The fish will be not only flavorful, tender and unforgettably delicious, but also is a natural aphrodisiac. Enjoy your favorite delicious dish of fresh fish.
Fragrant and delicious fish ready.
You will need
    • Fish
    • salt
    • pepper
    • seasoning for fish
    • 1 onion
    • 1 lemon
    • 2 tomatoes
    • vegetable and olive oil.
To take a fish, remove fins, viscera, remove from the scales and rinse well. Dry with a towel, RUB with salt, pepper and spices for fish.
Onion to peel and slice with a sharp knife rings. Lemon cut into thin half-rings.
Take two bowls. One to pour the boiling water, in another - cold water. On the tomatoes to make an incision in the form of a cross. And omit the tomatoes first in a bowl of hot water, then in a bowl of cold. The skin is immediately easily cleared. Clean the tomatoes cut into circles.
Take the foil, place on a baking sheet and grease with vegetable oil. On the bottom lay a piece of onion and lemon. On top place the fish. Next, spread a layer of chopped greens, tomatoes, onions and lemon. On top drizzle with olive oil. Foil tightly wrap a few times to wrap fish.
Put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Bake for 20-30 minutes. For 5-10 minutes before cooking, foil can be cut from above, so that the vegetables are browned.
Serve the fish whole on a platter right in the foil. To garnish submit boiled rice. BON APPETIT!
All fish dishes need to cook on low heat, otherwise it will quickly fall apart. The fish turned out juicy, it is necessary to pre-soak in milk.
Useful advice
To properly clean the fish you want moving from tail to head. And to make it better and cleaned, can be a few seconds to drop the fish in boiling water. Below the wooden Board was a smell of fish, it is necessary to grease with a slice of lemon and a good wash.
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