You will need
  • - paint;
  • - primer;
  • - putty;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - brushes, rollers or sprayer;
  • - protective means.
Wooden furniture is better to choose traditional enamel lacquer paints, they add a touch of Shine. A matte surface can be obtained by using oil paint.
To preserve the natural beauty of wood while protecting the product from external influences will help transparent compounds — glazes, adhesives and transparent paints. They contain substances that perform the role of UV filter to protect the wood from fading and darkening. In addition, the advantage of impregnation, it is possible to paint new furniture from wet wood because it has a good vapor permeability.
Breathable properties differ and acrylic select them for new wood furniture. It is hardy, durable, waterproof formulations that are suitable for furniture in the house, and garden benches. Curved furniture is very convenient to paint from spray gun. If you need a special shade, dilute one or more coloration in white paint.
To give the chairs or chest of drawers vintage look, use nitrocellulose lacquer or nitro enamel. It is important to treat the surface before painting, thoroughly clean all remnants of previous coatings and primed.
If the inspection of wooden surfaces in your house, you are faced with small moves beetles woodworm or rot, be sure to treat the furniture with antiseptic solutions. After a few days it will be possible to apply a coat of decorative paint.
For painting furniture from chipboard choose alkyd, oil or acrylic paint. After a good clean and degrease the surface, then Prime with (laminated chipboard priming is necessary in several layers). If there are minor imperfections and scratches, you can apply a layer of putty before painting.
When painting metal furniture, make sure which metal was used in the manufacture. Forged products, mild steel paint anti-corrosion compounds, pre-clearing of rust. Profile for furniture, aluminium available special enamel with high adhesion to the metal.
To paint plastic furniture by using acrylic water-based paints, but not all plastic can be easily dyed. A mandatory pre-treatment: primer and sanding. It is important to observe the mode, the optimum room temperature should be -18 ºc, 80% humidity, all the components are equally heated.