Parents wishing to paint a crib for the baby with their hands, certainly try to take precautions and would not use harmful materials.

Cover cots for children need to choose not only depending on the color. Paint must be environmentally clean, free of toxic materials. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the child might want to chew on the crib, and therefore safety paint should be given special attention.

How to choose a paint

Important point – the choice of colors. Coating good quality is obtained when using the many varieties of modern paints. But it is better when buying a finishing composition into the store to test the paint on a small piece of wood. Then you can more clearly understand how painting furniture is the result.

There are many kinds of paint, which is specially designed for coloring is designed for baby furniture. Their composition does not contain lead, no, and other toxic materials. This paint can be purchased at hardware or DIY stores on the market.
Wood for processing of the paint should be smooth, not have burrs, it is also desirable to eliminate sharp edges.

Painting the crib

Regardless, does paint a new crib or old repaint, the surface should be prepared to work. Before you repaint the crib, the old paint must be clean. There are modern paints, varnishes can be applied over a previous coating. But if you select basic composition, the surface should be treated to completely remove the remains of the old material. Grinding carried out with sandpaper when the job is completed, remove dust with a clean cloth. This will help make the paint layer more smooth, it will be cleaner, and the product will be very beautiful.

You'll need a roller, sponge and brush. For smooth large surfaces, apply the roller. Brush is convenient to paint the bars and the bars of the crib. The sponge is suitable for small parts. You can buy paint in aerosol packing and perform staining by spraying, but this method is good only for smooth background. In addition, an increasing amount of paint.

During painting it is necessary to try to track that drops were not going in inappropriate places. To do this, nor should one make at one time on a roller or a brush a large amount of paint.
After dyeing it is necessary with a cloth or sandpaper to go through all the edges, where they could accumulate paint, especially in the lower part of the crib.

If the bed will not just paint, but still paint better after sanding the primed surface. The primer can be oil, latex or water-based. The oil base will be more reliable, but the smell of it can be strong.