Before upgrading, prepare the surface. Unscrew the hardware, remove the cover cap. From the surface remove the old varnish with sandpaper. If on the surface there are dents, zashpaklyuyte them. When the plaster dries, sand the surface with sandpaper.
The easiest way to update your wardrobe is to paint the surface. Paint the doors, screw the new handle and a new wardrobe is ready. If you have a little know how to draw, razreshite Cabinet doors fancy colors or geometric patterns.
If you draw you are able, come to the aid of the technique of decoupage. Purchase in store decoupage map or layered napkins with the appropriate ornament. Spread the location where you will glue the napkin with white glue and stick the top layer. When the glue dries, coat the surface with furniture Polish, apply 2 or 3 layers.
The back wall of the cupboard can be covered with Wallpaper. Pick up the Wallpaper with an interesting pattern. On this background will look very nice dishes.
Old polished wardrobe glue self-adhesive film. The store sold a variety of film colors and textures. Cabinet doors covered with film you can decorate with special stickers. In addition, the workshop will help you apply to the film the desired pattern. Just select a suitable photo and print it.
Adhesive tape should be glued very carefully and thoroughly. Do not peel off the protective layer completely. Clear it a little and apply to the pasted over surface. A soft cloth smooth the foil from the middle to the corners, expelling the air bubbles. Gradually peel off the protective layer and in the same way, attach the tape. If, however, there were some air bubbles, pierce them with a thin needle and smooth. Do not rush, do everything slowly, because haste can spoil all the work and glue the tape you will not succeed. So simply you can update your old wardrobe and give it a modern look.