If unpolished wooden furniture has faded, wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Then wipe dry and make a paste. To do this, cut as fine as possible a small piece of wax and place them in a metal tin. And also for the preparation of pastes suitable quality Shoe cream yellow or brown. Completely cover the wax with turpentine. Then type in the pan with a little water, put on fire and put it in her Bank.
Heat on very low heat until, until the wax melts, then mix well it. The homogeneous wax mass is put a thin layer on the surface of the furniture. Let stand for two days, then RUB with sconce.
Dispose of small scratches on polished furniture as follows. Mix 50 grams of vegetable oil and the same amount of vinegar. In the same proportions, you can use the alcohol, and linseed oil. Dip in the prepared mixture a soft cloth, wipe it the surface of the furniture and allow to dry. Then moisten a dry flannel cloth in the means for polishing of furniture and RUB the surface to Shine.
If you want to disguise dents on the unpolished surface, pour a small amount of turpentine, apply on top of wet cheesecloth, folded in three layers. On the gauze put a thin metal sheet and press it with a hot iron. The wood fibers will begin to swell, the dent will disappear.
Remove bloating and bubbles formed over time from the bundle of plywood. To do this, apply on the surface of the furniture with several layers of tissue paper and swipe the top with a hot iron. The glue that was preserved under bloating, melts and draws the backward layers of plywood. In that case, if the adhesive is not left, make a cut in the course of the wood fibers and drip in a drop of glue, then close the paper and smooth with a hot iron.